CNN fired Middle East editor for Twitter post -

CNN fired Middle East editor for Twitter post

Octavia Nasr wrote Ayatollah is ‘one of Hezbollah’s giants I respect a lot’


CNN is facing a backlash in Beirut after the network fired its Middle East editor for Tweeting praise for a Hezbollah Ayatollah. Even though Octavia Nasr apologized for tweeting that Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah is “one of Hezbollah’s giants I respect a lot,” CNN said her credibility was too compromised to keep her. Hezbollah spokesman Ibrahim Moussawi said the decision reflects the west’s “double standands.”

Jerusalem Post

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CNN fired Middle East editor for Twitter post

  1. CNN did right.
    Would the CBC done the same. Hah, pigs will fly first.

  2. Old liberal media personnel must hold leftist views, be sympathetic to the fascists, and hate people who believe in judeo-christian values in order to get the job – but they're not allowed to publicly reveal these views, yet.

    • And they are actually jihadist!


  3. The journalist that was fired is a Christian and expressing her opinion. Had she praised Ariel Sharon -who by the way is a accused war criminal that has carried out massacres- she would have been hailed. Hence the double standard. I personal don't care for the deceased Ayatollah, but that is her opinion.

  4. How dare she said that a bout Fadlalah, the moderate and the open minded clergy, she was better instead praise the atrositis
    and the children killing and the mass murders commited by the jews. she was supposed to cover the jewish terorism and our foriegn democraic slaughtering of civilians,. any way CNN does not deserve to have someone like Octavia Nasr. she is better off in a work place that respects her personal views and openions.
    Ps: i am not muzlem, i am chrristian, just to let you know., moreover, Octavia, you should have never apologized for your views.

    • RED, learn to spell. Furthermore, I highly doubt your claim of being a 'chrristian'. You sound like the typical anti-semitic barking dog of the left. Or a 'muzlem' liar. You must like the Iranian idiot who denies the Holocaust. Typical bonehead. Take your ignorant comments elsewhere.

  5. now that is truly that "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" these idiotic western nations boast about .. day in and day out ….. Quite "LAUGHABLE" i say !!!!!. idiots are what idiots do ……….

  6. Hezbollah has scouted Ontario in search of Jewish targets. The theory is that when war erupts in the Middle East, Iranian sleeper cells will act and act violently against Jews living in the west. But this doesn't phase Libby Daies and others like her. Nor does the story of an Iranian son pleading to the Iranian government to spare his mothers life-she was sentenced to die by stoning. And Libby isn't phased by this: Israel on Friday has requested the UN step up efforts in preventing the Gaza-bound Lybian ship from setting sail from Greece Friday.

    In an in an official letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gabriela Shalev requested the international community use its power to halt the humanitarian aid ship, funded by an organization headed by the son of Lybian leader Muammar Gaddafi

  7. The UN won't act and Muammar Gaddafi will succeed in generating negative opinions against Israel's. He can count on the world wide left, Jim Reed ( CBC researcher ), Haroon Siddiqui and other Toronto Star writers as well as Libby Davies. They will all give him some positive spin. They always do.

  8. He denied being part of Hezbollah, and Hezbollah denied having him as a member, but it remains indisputable that he defended suicide bombing. We do not have a "double standard" when we oppose violence that has as its aim imposing Islamic supremacy. If elements among Canada's First Nations were as violent as the Palestinian terror groups, we would feel no compunction about acting as strongly to protect ourselves as Israel acts.

    And, as far as that goes, CNN is not al-Jazeera, it is primarily responsible to its American audience. The ones whose ox was gored on September 11, 2001.