Coffee drinkers immune to morning cup -

Coffee drinkers immune to morning cup

Regular consumers don’t get pick-me-up effect


Regular coffee drinkers don’t get a pick-me-up from their morning cup of coffee, British scientists say, attributing this to a tolerance to both the anxiety-producing and stimulating effects of caffeine. As a result, regular coffee drinkers are only brought back to their regular level of alertness. In the study, 379 adults, half of them non-to-low caffeine consumers and the other half medium-to-high consumers, were asked to give up caffeine for 16 hours. Instead, they were given either caffeine or a placebo. They were then asked to rate levels of anxiety, alertness and headache. Medium-to-high caffeine consumers who got the placebo noted a decrease in alertness and increased headache, which wasn’t reported by those who got caffeine. However, post-caffeine levels of alertness weren’t any higher than non-to-low consumers who got a placebo.


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Coffee drinkers immune to morning cup

  1. That's the dumbest study ever reported. Coffee and all caffeine are stimulants to the body and mind. If you drink three shots of espresso in the morning, your mind and body will be racing faster than if you drank decaf or nothing. The study itself is a machination of the disillusioned mind. Coffee is the greatest contribution to civilization after the wheel.

  2. It would be nice to note what is the daily caffeine intake for medium to high consumers of coffee within the context of this research. The symptoms described by this study for this group is exactly like the withdrawl symptoms for consumers of over 400 mg of caffeine a day(two XL tim's coffee) as noted by tons of research done before this one… whcich would make this study redundant.

    • There was a segment on BCTV News this morning by a Doctor that does a regular commentary on these studies (name fails me ) and he said this study was flawed.. one of the main reasons was that the participants were given caffeine in pill form, not a regular cup of coffee which contains a lot of other ingredients anti- toxidents etc,, if given coffee in its true bean form the results would be extremely different……