Coffee war: Free at McD's vs. Roll Up the Rim -

Coffee war: Free at McD’s vs. Roll Up the Rim

The Golden Arches are countering Tim’s Roll Up the Rim with free coffee


The trenches are dug, and for the next two weeks McDonald’s and Tim Hortons will be in full combat mode. Yup, it’s Roll Up the Rim time. And this year Tim Horton’s arch-enemy is countering the hope of winning cars and other prizes with the ultimate give away: free coffee for two weeks. No purchase necessary. And since the chain has spent a lot of time and money upgrading its brew, this promo is undoubtedly giving execs at Tim Hortons a headache. Quick, better get a cuppa.

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Coffee war: Free at McD’s vs. Roll Up the Rim

  1. Well Timmie's makes up for it with proximity. I think there is a bylaw in Ottawa that says that you must always be within 10 minutes walk of a Tim Hortons from every location in the city.

  2. Yep, this might be bad for the TH's close to McDonalds, but most of us aren't going to drive to McDonalds just to save $1.50.

  3. McDonald's new brew is every bit as good or better than Tim Horton's and it's free! You can't beat that offer, I know where I will be getting my coffee and I will be encouraging my friends and family too!

  4. I certainly understand the word FREE. Sure I'll drink mac'd coffee for free. For the full two weeks. And when the deal is over, I'll go back where I'm at home and comfortable, tim horton's. Canadian eh !

  5. Timmies is great coffee! BUT FREE IS FREE !!

  6. Pretty much sums it all up when you have to give it away.

  7. I like McDs coffee and free can't be beat. Competition is the name of the game and I like that.

  8. McD coffee is superior to TH any day of the week.

  9. Seriously, if you have to give it away for FREE. I would rather pay my $1.50 and have a GOOD cup of coffee and take my chance at winning!!! :D Staff at the Tim's here are great and the Drive through speed is far superior than the folks at McD's.

  10. Tim Horton's coffee tastes like crap. The seats are so hard, you get sore after a few minutes.
    The store owners are only into making money, so the service is sub-standard. The servers aren't able to speak English and likely are here illegally or on contract from the third world.
    Madison Avenue sure does a great job at keeping the suckers lined up for their post hypnotic visit to buy something you don't need.

  11. well it's not free but really cheap if you make it at home, as we are all lazy we have to get somebody else to make it for us or brave the work coffee …i would consider mcdonalds but you can't really trust their products, they are the kings of highly processed food .. tim hortons on the other hand rules although some people claim their is a crack like substance in it that makes you go back for more haha

  12. i don't know how good roll up the rim is, several times last year the rim was loose as if a worker rolled it up beforehand

  13. How can you compare Tim Horton's coffee to the black crud served at McDonald's? Even free, it's not worth the price.

  14. I'm beginning to suspect that some of these commenters have been paid off by McD's. Or else they're used to licking the south end of a goose flying north!

  15. Both coffees are crap. And Timmies is no longer Canadian, sorry to say. I'd rather buy good coffee beans (organic and fair trade), make my coffee at home instead of promoting a sub-par product. Redhill coffee is the way to go!

  16. i don't mind tim hortons cofee, its bland, just like us canadians, and thats what coffee is aboot

  17. One kind of old stale coffee vs. another kind of old stale crappy coffee. If it's more than 15 days out of the roaster it's old and stale, if it's more than 5 min. out of the grinder, it's old and stale, however 99% of people have never had fresh coffee. Charbucks is just as bad. I know I'm a snob, but once you get used to fresh, you stop drinking anything else

  18. I think most people are under the mistaken impression that Tim Hortons is a Canadian company. It's not. It's owned by Wendy's, a U.S. hamburger chain. And I think that misplaced patriotism is what keeps people lined up for Timmy's coffee, which is almost identical to McD's new coffee, as anyone who's actually tried both would attest to.