Col. Williams on a hunger strike -

Col. Williams on a hunger strike

Following suicide attempt, alleged murderer has stopped eating


Col. Russell Williams, the former air base commander at Trenton, Ont. and an alleged multiple murderer, is on a hunger strike just days after trying to kill himself. Russell attempted suicide early Saturday morning by forcing a cardboard toilet-tissue tube down his throat, the Canadian Press reports, and was rescued by staff at the Quinte Detention Centre, the provincial facility where he’s being held. After being assessed by a psychiatrist, who concluded he wasn’t suicidal in the classic sense but simply wanted to die, Williams was put on 24-hour suicide watch, restrictions that were eased on Tuesday. He stopped eating Tuesday, although he’s made no demands related to the hunger strike. Williams’ next court appearance, by video link, is due April 29. Williams is permitted to wear clothing in the daytime, but at night, he’s forced to wear an armless, smock-like anti-suicide gown.

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Col. Williams on a hunger strike

  1. Let him starve

    • That's going a bit too far. It would be kinda fun though to sit at the edge of his cell and say "Aw, does the little boy in the no-killy dress not want his foodsy-woodsy? Is he all pouty-wouty about something? Does he think he is a little ghandi-wandi?"

      • Funny

    • force feed him

      • Not a good idea to force feed him. He is obviously guilty of murder, he wants to die so let him stop eating and hope he does pass on. Think of the money the country would save by avoiding a trial.

    • I agree, and I hope he is successful! Now if only we could get slugs like Clifford Olson and Paul Bernardo to follow suit!!

  2. Let him starve himself to death…at the very end, when he asks for water…say no. He would have done the same to his victims.

    Of course he wants to die…he's a national disgrace and has let down the military every way imagainable…Shame on you, Col. Mustard!

    • I never even thought of how poetic the mustard for the suicide note was. Col Mustard!! HAR HAR HAR!!!

  3. hunger strike ??? they shouldn't even have been feeding him from day one of his arrest

  4. What is somebody held a hunger strike and the media forgot to cover it???? Perhaps that is what should happen here….give him a fair trial and then if he is found guilty let him rot!

  5. The man has a right to starve himself. Just think of the money he will be saving Canadian people from trials and incarceration costs.

  6. He is a disgrace to the country and not man enough to face justice. We haven't heard the end of the accusations. You don't become a sex predator at 47.

  7. The colonel's apparent remorse would seem to be only at having been caught, not for his despicable behaviour.

    • It's way, way too early for that kind of statement.

  8. 2 of his victims wanted to live! 2 others didn't want to be raped then tied to chairs to have a photo op! I'm not surprised he can't live with himself! Thank Heavens there is no death penalty in Canada. He'll have a good 40 years to relive his disgrace – day after day…night after night. Keep him alive!

  9. I believe, there going to uncover a whole lot of other unsolved murders, from around canada going as far back as 1990 :-(

  10. He won't suffer as much as his victims and their families have. Who cares that he is on a hunger strike. They should have let him do himself in. But with a toilet roll??????????????? WTH!!!! What a jerk!

  11. Personally I think he should suffer, the rath of being incarcerated for the rest of human life… and live in a 6×6 cell without sunlight.. Killing him only puts him at rest, he doesn't deserve the easy way out!! I'd rather he ROT in jail

  12. Let the heartless bastard starve to death .Who cares

  13. Feed him toilet paper rolls with no mustard

  14. If he wants to die so much, put him in general population in Kingston. I'm sure some of the federal inmates will gladly oblige him.

    I'm tired of these rapist/murderers/pedophiles getting cushy treatment in jail, all because of what the other prisoners "might do".

    Seeing as he wants to die so bad we can test this theory on him. Letting him live with a roommate, in general population and if he wakes up dead one day; he's happy, it's not costing Legal Aid a fortune in legal costs and costing us 40 or more years of paying for his keep.

    Sounds good to me……probably the victims' families too!

    • No jail time is cushy, my friend, despite what sun media might have you beleive.

  15. No doubt he'll have to suffer, the price for his deviation that hurt others. Hopefully he'll learn something in the process. He is a human being after all.

  16. I am sad to say this type of person will "learn" anything. Rather, lets be releived for further victims that they are now safe from a man who is clearly dangerous. I feel sorrow for his wife and grief for those lives lost. I do beleive anyone sitting in jail has to live with disgrace as his story unfolds. It makes me think of the innocent victims of the Paul Bernardo era. I am not sure if this Col. has a conscience…this is the truly sad part.