Col. Williams reportedly admits to murders, sexual assaults

Air Force officer said to have to led investigators to the body of his second victim


According to a report in the Globe and Mail, Colonel Russell Williams’s arrest on murder and sexual assault charges was preceded by a lengthy interview with investigators during which Williams gave detailed information about “about four dozen so-called ‘lingerie break-ins,’ two home invasions that turned into bizarre sexual assaults last September, and the murders of two young women, one a military steward with whom he may have flown.” Unnamed sources told the Globe it was Williams himself who led police to the body of of 27-year-old Jessica Lloyd, with whose murder the decorated military officer has since been charged. Furthermore, it’s believed the murders and sexual attacks were photographed and forensic specialists expect to find “a treasure trove” of evidence on Williams’s computer.

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Col. Williams reportedly admits to murders, sexual assaults

  1. This is surreal. Like an episode of Criminal Minds.

    • I think he is taking the blame for others crimes. As with any good leader but he does not deserve this …..he is better than this I DO NOT believe the allegations for a second.

    • I tend to agree its almost a soap….
      I would like to add its not the Canadian Forces who's on trail, but an idividual with a sick mind who just happen to be military…
      After 23 years working for the Military I've seen and meet a lot of good people, but the again I meet a few that I would consider borderline personalities.
      Don't judge the book by its cover for one paragraph…

      My 2 cents, he needs to be somebody's "girlfriend" and hopefully he will meet his match (in jail).

  2. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?

    • I can resist… "the shadow knows…"

  3. Look, let him have his day in court. If he's found guilty throw the book at him. But the press should back off. They are making it extremely difficult to get an unbiased jury.

    • The guy confessed!

      • According to the media. And he may decide he wants to repudiate or modify his confession.

        I'm all for locking him up and throwing away the key if he's guilty, but that's for the courts to decide, not public opinion.

      • Correction: It is reported that he confessed. Not confirmed yet.

    • This will not be a trial by Jury.

    • I so much agree with you. Way to go !

    • To: R Keller,

      I agree with you, let him have his day in court. What happened to innocent until proven guilty. Do any of you know what these guys/gals go thru in the military, Join and go fight for your country, see what goes on down there, then you may understand why these people come back broken men and women.

  4. The Canadian military is going to need an excellent spin doctor.

    Let me volunteer!

    He was framed! He has an evil twin brother! He's not representative of every military man. He drank Dr. Pepper the night before! It's racism against white guys! Steven Truscott is his cousin! He didn't tell us he was so nasty when he joined!

    Need more Colonel Williams? You know where to reach me. Just stay away from my daughters please.

    • Uhh.. Buddy. Canadian military doesn't need jack. He committed the crimes. not the entire country of Canada. Ship him to that dirt-hole across the border.. USA I think it's called.. Where they can legally execute people.

      • Thankfully the Canadian military still has the death penalty. He will be tried in a military court in Edmonton and put to death for the murder of a fellow soldier, after the civillians are done with him.

    • I am sorry but are you on drugs!! How can you disrespect the murder victims and families of these victims like that. What a shame that is

  5. Is this like for REAL?

    • Don't you read/watch the news? Where have you been?
      It's happening.
      Enough said.

  6. The guy is obviously used to being in control of situations so I hope that his "confession" to “about four dozen so-called ‘lingerie break-ins,' two home invasions that turned into bizarre sexual assaults last September, and the murders of two young women" doesn't lead the police to believe he's telling the truth. I'm sure that before this is over there will be a few more bodies discovered or links to ones that have been found.

    • Don't worry, the military will fix this problem. I fully expect Col Williams will voluntarily resign, collect a full pension and will also receive every possible benifit known to mankind simply because he is in the military. Maybe we can blame this set of crimes on post traumatic syndrome – life in Trenton can do this even to our best!!

      • Tom,

        You do not know much about the military to make comments like you have. He can not voluntarily resign, the military will release him if found guility of the charges against him. The military will have no say in what justice will be given in the courts, all servicies members charged with murder are handled by a civilian court. Furthermore, Col Williams will lmost likly loss everything that he is has earned, this could include his pension (depends on the release item they pick) and he may also loss his Canadian Forces Decoration (medal) for his service to his country. If he is found guility of the charges, he will go to prison for a very long time and that is what he deserves. What can I say it is all very sad for the victims famlies and those friends of the victoms that will live with their lose forever.

        • Thanks for setting the record straight

        • How can Williams get a pension if convicted? I thought an Officer has to serve 25 years before ANY pension is payable to them or their survivors). It is my understanding that an Officer who has served less than 25 years gets their pension contribution refunded to them.
          I feel sorry for his wife who has done nothing to deserve the little she is going to end up with.

      • For plagmuir and tom because of the military :you guys are allowed to crawl out of your holes and voice such uninformed derogatory statements, i guess as long as you have your holes to crawl back into we don’t have to worry.

    • This type of behaviour doesn't escalate over a two month period, from September with the assaults to November's murder. This guy has been up to this for quite a few years. ?The perversion likely starting in early adolescence, there will be a pandora's box yet to be opened.

    • someone shoud kill him the goof

      • hes a goof i think he should get hurt and never let out

  7. Nobody is perfect.

    I'm not excusing what he did or why. But the human brain is a very fragile thing.

    I don't get why anyone is shocked about this, a military officer has just as much of a chance of going crazy as any other sane human being. It doesn't say anything bad about the military, how would they or could they have known?

  8. I find it interesting that some feel the Armed Forces will need a spin doctor for this man, most serial killers, and serial rapist live normal lives, they do not stand out, almost everybody who knows them is shocked when they are discovered and caught, so those who will try to tarnish the Royal Canadian Armed Forces with this I say shame on you. As for a jury I am not sure that this man will actually want a jury trial. So far from information leaked by police to the media, he has admitted to at least 4 dozen break-ins described as lingerie break ins. He led police to the young woman’s body, he has admited to crime of home invasion and sexual assault already. If you look in history most serial killers actually plead guilty to their crimes. The evidence already is stacking up and that is before DNA evidence has been brought forward, I would suggest that there will not be a trial. Simply an admition of guilt, a sentencing of life imprisionment, a dangerous offender hearing in civilian courts. The military will then hold a courts martial under the charge of Conduct Unbecoming an Officer, this may be the only case that will get to a court room as conviction would leave his wife with out claim to pension and benifits, which she may not want or need however she to is an innocent victim in this.

    • I couldn't agree more. Our hyper-paranoid and self-protective society might be tempted to seek a policy answer for this, and force many future recruits to undergoe a banal series of tests, but such a reaction would be innefectual and innefective. Any person wishing to hide from screening and testing can put on whatever mask they want so that they may best hide in plain sight. These things are impossible to prevent with 100% certainty.

    • You seem smart…but his wife isn't innocent or guilty of anything…that I know of.

    • Comments are all sound however one minor correction. It is not the Armed Forces or the Royal Canadian Armed Forces. It is the Canadian Forces.

    • hi john. your post sounds credible, but in canada you can not be charged with the same crime twice. there will be no court marshal

  9. You should really understand abit more about the military before saying idiotic things that have absolutely no backing what so ever. I've been a serving member for 16 years, and have met some of the brightest, determined and un-"bent" people in Canada within the Armed Forces. We are not trained to be a closet killer, what we do is for Canada, and for people like you, who are obviously to stupid or inept to do anything worthwhile with your own life.

    • I agree totally – I am extremely proud of our troops – wish I could say the same for the politicians. One bad apple doesn't make the whole crop rotten. Strange – Ted Bundy was caught by bad driving, this one seems to have been almost a carbon copy. PLEASE Canadians, do NOT blame our troops, blame the sick mind of one individual, not the entire armed forces. I feel so sorry for the victims and their families, but I also feel for HIS wife and family. THEY have to live with this and deal with this, it will NEVER go away.

  10. I said it in an earlier thread and I'll say it again here: my father was in the Air Force and the people who are knocking the military have no idea what most military people are like. The Cold War stayed cold because of the vigilance and discipline of people like my father. Countless lives have been saved in peace-keeping missions around he world. I know my father was personally responsible for at least one life-saving flight.

    I know none of this will change the minds of the die-hard military-haters out there, but to those of you in the military, please know that most Canadians sincerely appreciate your patriotism and dedication.

    Also my sincere condolences to the families of the victims. I'm sure they get no comfort from seeing a tragedy like this become a soap-box for uninformed malcontents.

  11. Chapter and verse from

    Section 5 – Offences Not Triable by Service Tribunal


    Section 70 of the National Defence Act provides:

    "70. A service tribunal shall not try any person charged with any of the following offences committed in Canada:

    (a) murder;
    (b) manslaughter; or
    (c) an offence under any of sections 280 to 283 of the Criminal Code."

    He wiill be tried by civilian court.

  12. What a loss!!

    First and foremost, the victims!!

    Families of the victims!

    The family of the accused!

    The Military family!

    The accused!

    Something got overlooked!

  13. I find it sad that the court of public opinion has found him guilty before he has even had a fair trial. Suppose it was a family member of yours who was charged with these crimes; how would you feel then? Back off!

    • He admitted to it? Showed them the body? Wake up dummy

    • This Officer, would not have been charged with the crimes he is faced with, had there not been an overwhelming amount of evidence to support it. To be charged with both murders and both sexual assaults. This Officer was able to operate for decades, finally got sloppy, and finally got caught. Kudos to the the real Officers who were finally able to bring the evidence to charge him. Reportedly he has confessed to the charges he knows they have proof of. There will be others, rest assured, this behaviour does not happen in such a short amount of time in a man in his Forties. He has been up to this for decades.
      I am positive that most of the Country is sympathetic towards his family, it is an injustice to them that they will have to live with the scrutiny that will likely follow them the rest of their lives- that too is on Office Russell Williams, certainly not on the outrage of the general public. If there was no outrage toward this type of behaviour, if noone were to speak out their disgust, what type of society would that breed?

  14. Well he certainly belongs to the right organization! Too bad he didn't do his crimes in foreign countries like a Good Hero.

    • Hey, at least your free to write that dumba$$ remark.
      Canadian forces personel are hard working, dedicated and good people. once in a while theres a bad one that comes through, but isnt that everywhere? Seriously Louis, you don't support us, fine. But its another to write boneheaded stupid comments like that. Very offensive and it makes me sad there are canadians like you

    • People in the CF face danger and hardship in their careers. They do it believing that the missions assigned to them by our government represent the general will of Canada. A murderer and rapist in the military, especially a Commanding Officer, is abhorrent to every CF member since they are taught to trust their chain of command from the bottom on up to The Queen. War has been a horrible fact since the beginning of humanity. It's nice that you can complain about the dirty work of nations without ever doing any yourself. Perhaps you can figure out how to achieve world peace during the commute to your miserable factory job.

    • If you don't stand behind our troops, feel FREE to stand in front of them. Ignorance is truly bliss…

  15. to plangmuirmuir and tom you should realize that the reason you were allowwed to crawl out of your holes is because of the battles the service men have fought (whilst you were in your bunker) you should reflect before you make these misinformed/derogatory comments, thankfully for you we canadians are forgiving of you dinks

    • So Jess, please inform us all of the battles that the Canadian military has fought, in living memory, that has protected Canada in any real way? The answer? None.

  16. A confidential interview with some young female soldiers may bring to lite more sexual abuse from male officers than
    the Canadian Military would care to know about .

  17. The question now is? Is Col Williams the only Officer to force his/her sexual intentions on to jr ranks ….. Hello Mr's Harper/MacKay/CDS questions need to be asked now!

    • As a junior rank I can confirm that officers are not spending their time chasing female victims. This is a freak incident.

      • They aren't victims until AFTER the chase

    • Shake your head there are bad apples in every basket, there is any harsment policy in the CF and it is enforced. People look for any reason to bash the CF instead of supporting about them, join them spend countless weeks away from your family, go to afgan get shoot at and blow up, fight for your freedom. Just because Col Williams is a retard that has on bearing on the rest of the CF. Once again i say shake your head.

  18. The armed forces train to threaten,hurt and kill others. This is what is unique to and defines them and differentiates them from any other occupation. This man was singled out and promoted based on what must be presumed to be superior abilities in this regard. What horrifies all of us is that he has taken these qualities and turned them against not only the victims but all who respected and trusted him. We are all now questioning if we should measure this kind of training and premise at all as being qualities we value and hold in esteem . These events hopefully will give all military personnel the fortitude to question the validity of attempting to absolve themselves of personal responsibility by obeying orders from ANYONE they think is their "superior", based solely on rank.

    • His occupation is neither here nor there…being in the military doesn't preclude doing good or bad. Not everyone is a hero…and…not…everyone…is a serial killer. duh

    • LianeB – A soldiers job is not to threaten, hurt or kill. Quite simply, it is to protect those who cannot protect themselves. They are the first people to know that their job can become deadly in a heartbeat. Much like a police officer, they are trained to stand on the line between the civilian population and danger, from whatever source.
      The speach that Jack Nicholson made in the movie "A Few Good Men" regarding 'Standing on the Wall' says it way better than I could.
      In Bosnia, Canadian soldiers faced militia units from three factions. In many cases, only superior training and discipline prevented firefights and civilian deaths. I'll leave it to you to figure out which group had the better discipline.

    • You have no idea what you are talking about (obvioulsy). Once again, if you don't stand BEHIND our troops – the ones that are out there giving their lives for people like you every single day – feel free to stand in FRONT of them/us. We are not trained to hurt, threaten OR kill others, and perhaps you should get your facts straight and appreciate everything that you have living in this country – perhaps you should thank a soldier instead of criticizing. Paul Bernardo was NOT a soldier – is it fair to say that all "civilians" should not be trusted? I was just online reading the news – parents killing children, parents sexually assaulting children, drunk drivers killing people, fires being set on purpose, etc. It would be fair to say that these crimes are based on an individuals' mental health and not the job that they hold. This was a terrible blow to everyone – soldiers and civilians, period. One bad apple…what more can I say? I am proud to be a Canadian Soldier, and I will continue to hold my head high despite the ignorant comments made by uninformed people.

  19. This should not be a commentary of the Military. Would Russell Williams have been a medical doctor, would we all be rushing to condemn the remainder of the medical community? Unlikely. Predators and psychopaths with the intellect that Williams has are adept at covering their tracks and appearing to be nothing of what they truly are.
    Military life did not groom Williams to become a predator- he was long before his military career had begun.

    • He literally didn't cover his tracks Cynthia…

  20. I agree with Cynthis, what has his being military got to do with anything? His mental condition was formed as a child and has festered away ever since. If indeed it is him. I have strong ties to the Tweed area and no one there suspected a thing of him.

  21. This is for Liane B and all the rest of the population who share Liane's opinion. When an opinion is based solely on speculation, hear say and without any credible research or knowledge, that opinion becomes a malinformed one and 100% of the time inaccurate. The Canadian Armed Forces do not train it's personnel to threaten, hurt or kill. Au contraire, they train to defend your rights and freedom so that you can continue to formulate malinformed opinions and bash the military with such comments as your latest one.

  22. Now we get news of retired Brigadier-General Roger Bazin's sex-related charges. Anyone else care to step up?

    • Could we have a time frame for this, please?

    • Well I applaud the canadian military, although, maybe not what they are given as task to do always. I believe there have always been issues on bases in higher amounts than other places. So reality check if you are training people to fight for you should you be supplying them with cheap liquor ? allowing them to go without punishment for hitting a kid with their car while drunk or for that matter their family drunk or sober. Bases need to be disposed of but even more so some personality tests etc given as you might want them to fight but I am sure you do not want to train persons who are inappropriate to train and than release on your own unsuspecting population. It is not just trenton or just this. and not every person in the military is like this but I think being more selective in who is trained and than providing them maybe with better food continuous learning and a gym that is always open (mp's etc work odd hours)or passes (or an allowance for one)and much better medical care..not cheaper booze and free rain later might be just one effective option

  23. part1

    OK Some people here real need to wake up. Its is easy to sit at a computer and blog about the CF. FIrst off it is not for any of us to say Col. Williams is guilty, he will have his day in court and like every Canadian is innicoent till proven guilty, people tend to forget that until its their butt on the line. Second there is an Harsment policy in the CF and it is strongly enforced. Third not every soldier is trained to kill. Soldier are all trade to defend his/herself by any means, dead force being the last resort (this is what is taught). CF members are not taught how to use force unless it is trade required i.e. infantry. To think an Air Force pilot is train to use force is nuts if there is a fight on a plain something has went horribly wrong. Its not the movies people, they are not trained to evade and kill to survive if that crash BEHIND ENEMY LINES.

  24. part 2
    I don't understand how anyone can blog and say negative things about the CF because of one person. The CF members spend countless weeks/months away from there familes trainnig to fight the good fight to save others and ensure that canadians are safe and in return canadians take that freedom and criticize the CF and its members. If you think that the CF is so missed up, go get an application, join spend time away from your families, get shoot at, blown up and then return home to the country you swore to protect with your life and read blogs like this thats spits in there face. You will learn quickly that the CF does the best it can, and if you do not at least you got off you butt and tried to help fix it. Col. Williams is a HUMAN not the entire CF, he like many other humans may have problems that causes HIM to take the actions that he is acused of. Don't bash or blame the CF he is responsible for his own actions the same as you or I. This is a blog about Williams, not the rest of the CF, leave them be they are as unset with his possible actions as your are.

  25. I flew to vancouver from Ottawa last week for a business trip like I did at many other occasions. It isn't easy to distract me from my notes and my Laptop, I would usually drag my suitcase on wheels while answering emails and drinking coffee.

  26. Marjorie thomson part 2

    There's only one thing that never fail to take me out of my concentration and business mode, " The sound of a child crying. " always did and will like always will. I was in the old part of the airport in Ottawa that's where the business private jet usually park so we don't have to wait in line forever to check in.
    It is also the place where some military member board their Airbus en route for Dubai and then Afghanistan.

  27. I always wondered why such heroes were always kinda put aside while going on a trip that in some case might be their last ? As far as I'm concerned they should have priority over all of us, they should have our admirations and be marched proudly in front of all citizens of this great country. These kids are our finest citizens, yet they are boarding in silence away from us.
    The child that took me off my concentration that day was crying

  28. because her dad all dressed in a tan color combat uniform was boarding an Airbus that very same day. The only detail that wasn't Tan on him was the flag patch on his left shoulder the Canadian Flag.
    I couldn't help myself but stop right in my way, trying to find a way to stop that strange feeling in my throat, and trying to repress a tear for what was develloping in front of my very eyes.
    The only think I could think of was to scream on top of my laugh " Thank You " He looked at me and gave that military salute like we often see in movies, I waved back and carried on to my jet.

  29. From then on Everytime I see a Canadian soldier in uniform I still always get that gut feeling that this kids is somewhat a very special citizen of this fine country. I hope I never lose this feeling either that's as close as I can ever get to the standard these guy's are.

    Marjorie Thomson

  30. Much has been said about how can a successful Colonel do such reprehensible things. However, you can see a link between the two. He is a control freak who promised to return two victims home but instead acted out the ultimate act of control by taking their lives.

    Of course, most military folks are honorable. It just goes to show that serial killers and rapists can come from almost any walk of society.