Colbert a Canadian? -

Colbert a Canadian?

Ancestry website claims the popular talk-show host has Canuck roots


This isn’t going to help Stephen Colbert’s campaign to expose Vancouver, the host city of the 2010 Winter Olympics, for “cheating” by restricting the access of U.S. athletes at Olympic ice skating venues — a charge Richmond B.C., home of the Olympic oval, has denied. The website did some digging and found out that two of the comedian’s paternal relatives lived and died in Canada. While that doesn’t technically make the American-born Colbert a “syrup sucker” or an “ice hole” himself, it could help explain his fascination with poking fun at the Great White North.

National Post

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Colbert a Canadian?

  1. His fascination at poking fun at the great white north is due to the reaction that he gets by the great white north when he does so…

  2. It's also a parody of Bill O'Reilly's anti-Canadianism.

    • What's a Bill O'Reilly? That last name doesn't sound Amurecan enough, feller.

  3. I knew it – at last concrete proof .. my tinfoil hat is never wrong! – only someone with canadian genes would have inherited the droll humour and sarcastic helix chromosomes … so has anyone let him know yet?

    • Hey, that's a good point, psiclone! His humour is more sarcastic than the normal U.S. humour–so its no wonder we Canucks like it so much. Finally, your tinfoil hat did some good.

  4. Coincidentally, my paternal ancestors also have roots in Haldimand County (specifically, Dunnville).

    So Colbert has Canadian roots, eh? Keep sucking that syrup, Stevie!

  5. Does that mean I have english roots? oh….the horror…

  6. Well with a name like Colbert, I wouldn't be surprised if he had French-Canadian roots.

  7. Stephen Colbert a Canadian? That's worse than Celine Dion and Anne Murray being Canadian combined.

  8. Whats a Stephen Colbert.
    Bill Oreilly for Prime Minister.

  9. we're not dumb people, we know he's a satirist, half the time our reactions are a form of satire in their own? do you really think we'd let a comedian and satirist push us over the edge?? hahaha, colbert and stewart rule.