Colorado gun sales up after shooting


Following another mass shooting in Colorado, firearm sales are up in the U.S., with buyers apparently worrying that politicians may use the shootings to impose new restrictions on owning weapons.

From The Globe and Mail:

In Colorado, the site of Friday’s shooting that killed 12 and injured dozens of others, gun sales jumped in the three days that followed. The state approved background checks for 2,887 people who wanted to purchase a firearm – 25 per cent more than the average Friday to Sunday period in 2012 and 43 per cent more than the same interval the week prior.

This, just three days after the shooting.

Colorado isn’t the only state with steady figures. Seattle’s county, King, had nearly twice as many requests for concealed pistol licenses as last year. Florida recorded a 14 per cent jump of background checks on Friday over the week before.

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Colorado gun sales up after shooting

  1. Today the biggest threat to your life in a Colorado movie theatre isn’t a copycat killer, it’s a jumpy idiot who just bought a gun. Would it really have been easy for somebody with no combat training to kill a target wearing body armor in a dark theater, all while surrounded by panicking bystanders and breathing in teargas (tackling the killer might be easier to do, eg. think of the Loughner case)?

  2. More weaponry in the hands of responsible citizens can only be a good thing in my opinion. If you’re a responsible adult living in a state/province that doesn’t make it virtually impossible, take it upon yourself to obtain and carry a licensed firearm, and practice with it. When the sh!t hits the fan, I want guys like me holding at least as many firearms as the serial killer nutcases – it evens the odds.

    When a bad guy pulls a weapon and starts shooting people, the best way to save lives is to return accurate fire directed at his centre of mass.

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