Colvin a victim of government “reprisal”? -

Colvin a victim of government “reprisal”?

A lawyer for the Canadian diplomat claims Ottawa is working to prevent Colvin from testifying again


In a letter to the Military Police Complaints Commission, Richard Colvin’s lawyer says his client has been the target of retaliation by the government. Colvin, whose testimony before a Parliamentary committee looking into allegations Afghan detainees was sharply critical of the government, claims Ottawa has stopped paying his legal bills, which could prevent him from offering further testimony into the matter. Colvin’s Toronto lawyer, Owen Rees, writes that his client has been left with the “reasonable belief that the denial of legal indemnification is a reprisal for his participation before the committee and the commission.” As a federal employee, Colvin is entitled to legal representation for having been summoned before a Commons committee. However, the Conservatives have yet to agree to any additional funding for the legal fees related to Colvin’s testimony before the Military Police Complaints Commission. “The government of Canada’s inaction in this regard,” Rees writes, “is impeding our client’s ability to participate as a witness before the commission with the assistance of legal counsel, which is appropriate and necessary given the complexity of the legal issues raised, including the government’s claims of national security confidentiality.”

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Colvin a victim of government “reprisal”?

  1. "The government has denied Colvin's allegations.
    "There are incredible holes in the story that have to be examined," MacKay told the Commons, rejecting calls for a public inquiry."


    I guess you need special CPC goggles on to see any logic to MacKay's response.

    • I believe the basic logic is some animals are more equal than others.

  2. Any body guess where I found this?

    "A Conservative government will:

    • Ensure that whistleblowers have access to the courts and that they are provided with adequate legal counsel.

    • Establish monetary rewards for whistleblowers who expose wrongdoing or save taxpayers dollars."

    Will give you three guesses!

  3. John Howard?