Commons set to weight in on sex selection abortion debate


OTTAWA – Another Conservative MP is stirring the debate over abortion rights with a motion that doesn’t actually mention abortion at all.

Mark Warawa’s private member’s motion would ask the House of Commons to condemn the practice of sex selection before birth.

Sex selection occurs when a woman aborts a fetus after determining the gender through an ultrasound.

Warawa says the issue is one of discrimination against women and he can’t imagine why he wouldn’t get unanimous support.

But the leaders of the NDP and Liberal parties say the motion is just another attempt to limit women’s reproductive rights.

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair says Warawa’s bill must be viewed in the context of when it was tabled, the same week that a previous abortion motion was defeated in the House.

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Commons set to weight in on sex selection abortion debate

  1. I’m sure Cons have another dozen of these motions up their collective sleeves in order to keep pushing their agenda.

    Presumably in 2013…a month or so….Harp will either take these guys to the woodshed, or we’ll have to assume Harp isn’t planning to run again.

  2. Harpo has set his wacko religous right wing nuts loose on the country, while pretending that he has nothing to do with it. Of course it is nice to see these uptight conservative males show such an interest in womens’ vaginas.

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