Commonwealth Games in crisis -

Commonwealth Games in crisis

Organizers in Delhi given 48 hours to save event


World team officials have given the Commonwealth Games organizers in Delhi 48 hours to address the deplorable standards of their facilities, threatening to pull the athletes out of the event. The ultimatum comes after a section of the ceiling in the weightlifting arena fell down and the athlete’s village was described by Commonwealth Games officials as “filthy” and “unfit for human occupation.” Commonwealth Games president Mike Fennell is due to arrive in Delhi tomorrow to speak with the Indian prime minister about saving the games and sparing India from international embarrassment. On Tuesday, 27 people were injured after a bridge that connected the athletes car park to the main stadium collapsed. Some high profile athletes like Usain Bolt and Sir Chris Hoy have opted out of the Games completely.


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Commonwealth Games in crisis

  1. Sorry but if the infrastructure for the games is collapsing or is unsanitary then the games aren't important enough to jeopardies peoples health.

    • Not even for the love of the game or sportmanship? Well, if most athletes don't show up, I might want to try my old bones at it. This might be the only time of the sporting history where ordinary decrepit mortal like me will have a chance of winning. Wanna bet?

      • Maybe if you survive the dysentery.

        • If I survive, it will give a boost to my immune system.

  2. Unbelievable!!

  3. “unfit for human occupation.”

    Of all the lines I have heard, this one is the biggest clanger. It sounds the wrong note in a country known for appalling living conditions in its slums. As bad as conditins in the atheletes' village may be, I doubt they approach the conditions that millions of people live, love and work in each and every day, all without a return airplane ticket to a privileged life in their hands.

  4. Don't get me wrong: I wouldn't want to live in those rooms as described. In addition, I put no stock in a local politician desperately scrambling for a way to make a silk purse of a sow's ear – the source of your quote.

    But the point of my post is that I am really uncomfortable with a representative of western society lamenting as "unfit for human occupation" rooms that, in comparison, would be several orders of magnitude better than the everyday, inescapable slums to which so many are consigned with no hope of escape.

  5. Give them a chance guys! At least it has been brought to their attention and in response they are doubling their efforts, so why not give them a chance to make it work? Who knows, they might surprise us.

  6. If anyone bothered to watch undercover video of the work force employed in building the village you might have realized that entire families of the poorest of the poor were being exploited as labourers under unsafe conditions. People who get their noses out of joint and presume to lecture anyone that this is off limits for discussion by any persons "who are rich and white" are disgusting marxist xenophobic racists.