Communist Party elders call for more freedom in China -

Communist Party elders call for more freedom in China

Restriction on freedom of speech are “”scandal in the history of democracy”


A group of 23 Chinese Communist Party elders, including the former personal secretary to Mao Zedong, have written a public letter calling on the Chinese government to allow for freedom of speech just days after jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo won the Nobel Peace Prize. The letter, which is widely available online, calls current restrictions on freedom of speech a “scandal in the history of democracy.” However, the document does not explicitly mention Liu, out of concern such a move might provoke a censorship crackdown.

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Communist Party elders call for more freedom in China

  1. as Axl Rose predicted…CHINESE DEMOCRACY

  2. Interesting isn't it, as the Chinese free up their poopulation we burden ours down with more taxes, rules and police. Wanna bet which one is more successful in the hard knock world of competition in days to come.

    • Your comparison is so off base as to be laughable. China is hardly "freeing-up" their population. Taxes we can debate til the cows come home (but, er, we have the right to freely debate it) and… police? Did you get caught jaywalking or something? Give me a break.

  3. They must have wanted to breath an open air before they expire? They could have requested this a long time ago, if they are really for democracy.

  4. democracy is linked to capitalism ..if you can choose what products to buy and where to put your money then why can't you choose your government and have free access to information …ironically over the last ten years western countries have become less free due to the so called war on terror