Concerns linger at Maple Leaf plant -

Concerns linger at Maple Leaf plant

Problems uncovered just weeks after post-listeriosis scrub-down: report


Maple Leaf Foods remains the centre of negative attention. Documents obtained by Canadian Press show that, just weeks after the listerosis-stricken Toronto plant reopened last year, it was the site of mould and meat debris. While the company is chalking up the concerns to an intensification of inspection standards following the listeriosis outbreak that killed 22 Canadians, the explanation is not sitting well with everyone. “In a normal operation that had not been through what they had been through, that might be a common occurence,” said Bob Kingston, head of the federal food inspectors’ union. “But in this facility, it’s very surprising that that would still be there. Because you would expect it to be spotless.”

The Canadian Press

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Concerns linger at Maple Leaf plant

  1. But surely the industry can regulate itself, after all isn't that what Gerry "All bets are off" Ritz has been telling us?

    • Shhh…. don't you think Maple Leaf stockholders have been through enough already?

      • Given what the inspectors found? I'd suggest not. Perhaps now enough damage will be done to them that the heads of the company will start fearing for their jobs unless things are actually cleaned up.

  2. If yoose guys ain' t gonna show proper resbect, weeze gonna slap ya up sidea da head.

  3. You can regulate cleanliness, but I guess you just can't regulate competence.