Conrad Black calls BBC interviewer a ‘priggish, gullible, British fool’

And prides himself for not “getting up and smashing your face in”


“Stop this bourgeois priggishness!” cried Conrad Black, Baron of Crossharbour and scourge of the bourgeoisie. The man who brought on Black’s outburst was BBC host Jeremy Paxman, who sat down with him for a TV interview. After Paxman called him a “criminal,” Black angrily dismissed his fraud conviction and prison sentence as a product of the U.S.’s justice system—“The whole system is a fraudulent, fascistic conveyor belt”—and commended himself for not “smashing” Paxman’s face in. During the same round of interviews, Black appeared with Sky News host Adam Boulton, derided his questions and asked at one point, “What’s your name again?” Black has no time to learn the name of bourgeois prigs.

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Conrad Black calls BBC interviewer a ‘priggish, gullible, British fool’

  1. Mr. Black.. you renounced your Canadian citizenship. May I just take this opportunity to encourage you to hold steadfast in that decision.

    I’d hate to have to start apologizing for you again.

  2. Hope the usually supine interviewers the Canadian media sends him are taking notes. Particularly Mansbridge.

  3. First he stole the pensions from Dominion employees, then he stole equity from Hollinger’s shareholders. Remind me why Black is so slavishly sought out by the media? Do they go to such extents to interview other thieves (politicians notwithstanding)?

    • Maybe they do it for all the good words they’ll get him to use.

  4. Good for him, after what he’s been through, why not say it like it is.

    If i were Black and saw this report ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBI35DMHjy4) about myself i would punch that arrogant prick in the face.

  5. ah the irony of it all. Lord #$%! of Crossharbor angry at the “boor”. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. oops we’re talking Canada Goose here

  6. “Stop this bourgeois priggishness!” cried Conrad Black, Baron of Crossharbour”

    Who does His Lordship think he is? Really the guy ponces around like some buffoon, a toff in a powered wig, fopping around in his palace at Versailles. Only Black could make a few years in a US minimum security institution sound like a long stretch on Devil’s Island.
    I’d love to see him take a swing at someone in the media. My impression it would more likely be a cat fight.

  7. You can’t help but admire the mans intellect and passion. He has a right to defend himself

    • Sure he does. But why does he invariably come off like a guy who’s suffered a martyrdom worthy of sainthood…or canonization as His Lordship would say?
      He may have been unjustly singled out by US prosecutors, and consequently been personally humiliated. But only he could portray himself as a modern day Job.
      Life is unfair Conrad…you mean to say you’ve only just figured this out at your time of life?
      If i was forced to make an invidious comparison between public intellectuals i would make it with Hitchens, another bombastic opinionated man, but hardly a public whiner.

  8. A Canadian with balls, what’s the issue? I find it refreshing. He is standing up for himself in what he believes is right. His command of the English language is admirable, and if you put your politics aside for a minute and listen to what he has to say , he maybe in the right.

  9. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/edward-greenspan-rebuts-conrad-black/article555444/?page=all

    We should know that there is always another side to every story. A fair bit of whatever i feel about Black[ for what it’s worth, which is zip] originates from this rebuttal. Beneath the bombast its possible to see a man like Mulroney, for whom everything is always about him and personal vindication in the end.
    To be fair i have no idea if CB has ever publicly rebutted the rebuttal. If he hasn’t he should have, because it leaves a not too pretty and rather indelible image in the mind.

  10. On the one hand he renounces Canada, on the other hand he uses the Canadian legal system to proclaim his innocence.

  11. Jct: Carleton University’s most infamous graduate to be branded a convicted criminal used to be “Great Canadian Gambler” but not any more. Of course, John Turmel convicted of winning big is less noteworthy than Conrad Black convicted of stealing big.

  12. Wecome back Mr. BLack! You truly only know whether or not the crimes that you were charged with are true or false. Notwithstanding the clarity of this, you paid your dues and continue to produce great pieces of literature and value to your readers. Good luck with your Canadian citizen application.

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