Conrad Black can't return to Canada just yet -

Conrad Black can’t return to Canada just yet

Fallen press tycoon cites wife’s undisclosed medical condition in plea to return to Toronto


For the time being at least, Conrad Black will have stay in the U.S. Chicago judge Amy St. Eve ruled on Friday that Black would not be allowed to return to Canada yet because she wants more financial information from his lawyers before making a ruling. The judge gave Black until Aug. 16 to provide a “complete and thorough” accounting of his personal fortune so that she can rule on whether he should be allowed to leave. Black’s lawyer Miguel Estrada told the court his client should be permitted to return to Toronto because of the undisclosed medical condition of Black’s wife, Barbara Amiel. Mr. Estrada said the condition is not too serious, but that it makes living in Palm Beach difficult.

The Globe and Mail

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Conrad Black can’t return to Canada just yet

  1. We should let him back to Canada. His arrogance got him into trouble in the first place. Chrietien's arrogance did not help. But, he's on parole now. Let's let him back here. We're much bigger than Conrad or Barbara.

    • As of this moment the 3 mail fraud convictions have been unanimously overturned by the USSC. Only his obstruction stands however he can't obstruct justice if he isn't guilty so would likely be overturned as well. A retrial would likely exonerate him. The US Justice system has collective egg on its face with overturned conviction in 3 high profile cases. According to the esteemed Wikipedia, Jean Chretien stuck is nose into the peerage for Black and the Queen wearing her other hat as sovereign of Britain might have ignored our then Prime Minister's recommendation but didn't. Black as dual citizen could have been knighted as a Briton but would not have been able to use his title in Canada (and still remained a citizen). Our Prime Ministers have not intervened into two subsequent knighthoods to Canadians. Only the spiteful Chretien used his authority in one instance therefore Black's citizenship should be restored and it was wrongfully stripped from him.

    • Dear Christina,
      I agree with you that C.B. should not be barred from entering Canada simply because he chose to be an English Lord and thereby was forced to renounce his Canadian citizenship. However, C.B. is not on parole – he is out on $2M bail pending appeal. If C.B. meets the legal requirement to enter Canada, by ordinary means, or through a Ministerial Permit, pending his appeal in the U.S., Canada is obliged to take him back as a visitor from the U.K. Should C.B. win his appeal and his felony charges expunged, he is free to apply for the reinstatement of his Canadian citizenship. It will be interesting to see whether Lord Black of Crossharbour will have to choose again between peerage or his birthright. Stay tuned to legal proceedings interpreting The Constitution Act of Canada and a titanic struggle between C.B. vs.The Crown. Delicious irony isn't it? Better than fiction, larger than Citizen Kane.
      Best regards,

  2. "Return to Canada"? Canada is not your home anymore. You gave up your citizenship to become a Lord, remember??? Go back to your precious England where you really belong.

    • Amen to that!

      Despite the "Conrad's an innocent victim!" spin by much of Canada's media, and yes, Chretien was probably a jerk about the whole thing, at the end of the day Black chose a CrackerJack prize peerage over his country.
      He hasn't been acquitted – he's appealing.
      If he's successful that's fine, then he should head home to England and enjoy going lording with his friends or whatever it is they do.
      We owe him nothing.

      • There are some interesting issues regarding citizenship. Canadian and British citizenship are not as legal distinct concepts from each other as lets say Canadian and American citizenship. Is the Queen and the Royal family for example Canadian or British citizens or both. Remember modern Canadian citizenship law didn't come into place until the late 1940s. To this day in Britain Canadians are still considered British subjects vis a vis voting, running for office, serving in the military etc(Canadians are subject to restrictions in the ability to work in Britain by the 1967 Commonwealth Immigration Control Act, similar legislation applies to persons who born in Hong Kong under British rule who under international law would seem to be more explicited linked to the United Kingdom. Also interestingly enough Stephen Harper could appoint Conrad Black to the Senate for example solely as a British subject if you look closely enough at the British North America Act.

    • Wow, Cousins. You are sounding more like us on your southern border every day. Go slowly.

      • Sorry… can't contain myself when it comes to ignorant scum like Conrad Black.

  3. Bring Mr Black home. This is his home and Canadians should always take care of their own regardless of the BS.

    • He thumbed his nose at us. We weren't good enough for him then, why are we good enough for him now?

      Actually, I'm all about forgiving. But first, I have to hear the apology!

  4. If he showed remorse and apologized for his pigginess I would be more inclined to give a rat's ass.

  5. He'll ooze back into Canada under his wife's citizenship – what a sleaze – beware widows and orphans.

    • According to Chretien it was some official in Buckingham Palace who initially raised a concern about Black's elevation to the British House of Lords. Why was Conrad Black allowed to become a peer of the realm when other prominent Canadians such as Roy Thomson and Garfield Weston hadn't been? Lord Thomson of Fleet had been required to give up his Canadian citizenship just like Black while Weston had turned it down so he could remain Canadian. Canada has a long standing policy that Canadians should not be given titles. It was not Chretien who forced anything but Black who decided to give up his Canadian citizenship. This line of reasoning offered up by the press is false. Read what Chretien has written and take note that Black as never denied that as false or threatened legal action as he does OFTEN!

      • Don't forget William Shatner!

  6. It's a shame Barbara Amiel's piece in this week's Macleans magazine discusses how she's running around with assorted dogs, manhandling them into vehicles, etc. Doesn't sound too serious of an illness to me.

    • That's what I thought. Not too sick to be out purchasing SUV's.

    • It's an emotional condition?

    • Manhandling dogs into vehicles and still has the nerve to complain about it in a national magazine. What makes you so special barbara? (typed it in lowercase for a reason). Awwww… poor muffin….

  7. Conrad is a low-life irrelevant peon. Just hearing his name makes me cringe. What has he ever done to selflessly contribute to the betterment of humanity or society? Does he put the needs of others ahead of his own? Does he demonstrate humility and gratitude? Each person should ask these questions about themsleves before venturing out in the world or attempting to aspire to lofty heights. Because the heights we believe we have aspired to may have only paved the way to our own living hell. Be true to oneself, then take your first step forward, lest you become the object of ridicule, like Conrad.

  8. He's not on parole. He is now out on bail.

  9. I'm not sure why Barbie's medical condition should have anything to do with where he lives. Where did each of them live last week? Oh right, not together because he's a convicted criminal and will remain a convicted criminal until a court decides otherwise.

    If living in Palm Beach is medically inappropriate for Barbie, I'm sure the judge could let them live in Buffalo which has a climate similar to his preferred choice, Toronto. It's too bad they didn't know she's unable to tolerate Palm Beach when they were staying there before his conviction.

    If Canada won't let them back in, they can always return to Britain and she can turn to their free socialist medical system for treatment. I hear they are pinched financially.

    • Palm Beach has excellent doctors, but perhaps they are too busy to deal with high-strung ladies of the press.

  10. We must be out of our collective minds to even consider letting this convicted criminal back into Canada.Firstly, he has no right to reside in Canada since he renounced his citizenship. Secondly,he is, as a convicted criminal,ineligible for immigration.Thirdly,because of his criminal record,he is ,by international agreement,not to be issued with a passport.Fourthly,who in his right mind would want this white collar gangster in his country?
    There are thousands of well qualified immigrants waiting to come to Canada.Why not give one of them a chance and keep this rich criminal out.

    • But Black's lawyers have thoroughly demolished the federal beef with him. That's why he's out on bail. The US Department of Justice are trying to decide whether to retry him. I think I read that in Maclean's.

      Maybe's he's a scoundrel, but the case against him is evaporating. He may be a free man, perhaps not exonerated, but not a convict. Would that change your mind about him, Rabro?

  11. He's a liar, a convicted crook and a thief.
    He is not even Canadian.
    Stay out of my country.

    • Thank you for the citation, Open Democracy. The arrangement sounds designed to cheat people, doesn't it?

  12. He gave up up his Canadian citizenship.As a Canadian citizen I do not want convicted criminals to immigrate into my country,but with his money and connections you can bet his LORDSHIP will be back.
    Nice try though by his LORDSHIP and his lawyers,if his wife condition is not that serious they have 50 states to choose from.

  13. Why should Conrad Black be allowed back in to Canada he is now A British criminal
    I have been waiting 18 months for my wife to be allowed in to Canada.
    She is an honest hard working lady who has never even had a parking ticket.

    I have also written to the minister of immigration, his reply was that he could not interfere in because it would be unfair for all the other thousands of immigrants waiting in line,

    Are we expecting Conrad black to jump the line because hid crime involved millions

  14. Back to Canada you say ???? Oh No, No, No and one million times, NO. Put your Bishop's robe on and with Barb dressed as a Fair Maiden, get the very first and fastest plane out of MY COUNTRY, which BTW I would never change for all the Titles and tea in England (or China). I wish you all the best, but wished it away from here…… BE WELL, but somewhere else.