Conrad Black drops bid to return to Canada -

Conrad Black drops bid to return to Canada

Report says Black not ready to disclose financial status to court


Sources have told the National Post former media baron Conrad Black has dropped his appeal to return from Canada after being released from prison on bail two weeks ago. U.S. Federal District Court Judge Amy St. Eve required financial disclosure as a precondition to letting Black return to Canada, but his lawyers said there will be no more such submissions, essentially killing his request to leave the U.S. Black said he isn’t ready to file a sworn affidavit that would lay out all of the details of his financial status and relationships. His next court appearance, where he could choose make an appeal to leave the country, is Sept. 20.

National Post

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Conrad Black drops bid to return to Canada

  1. How totally unsurprising!

    And, for anyone gullible enough to think he has no assets. I can sell you a fake lake.

    • I'm just throwing it out here, but there is the other possibility that he's embarrassed by just how little he has left.

      You're probably right though, and the other is a bid to make us feel sorry for him. HAHAHAHA, yeah, that'll happen.

  2. If a "friend" had to post bail for him, then he is next to broke.

    He's giving up on a return to Canada because he does not want to suffer another rejection.

    • I wouldn't want to come back either. Canada continues to be almost great because many undeserving make it into this country just to suckle at the teat of the public coffers. We embrace some of the most pathetic attributes in the mediocre among us. We delight in the fall of anyone who isn't progressive and enlightened like us. Out of spite we will make it hard for Conrad Black to return to the country of his birth. Meanwhile, the Khadr family, for example, plot the destruction of western society and we hold them close to our multi-culti breast. If I could afford to leave (which as of now I can not) I would get the heck out too.

      • We'll take up a collection for you.

  3. "Conrad Black has dropped his appeal to return from Canada after being released from prison on bail two weeks ago."

    Surely you meant TO Canada…

  4. Too bad. He could have been hired to run the CBC. Conrad Black was railroaded by the legal mob in Chicago.

  5. He owes the American government 71 million in taxes. Tax evader don't disclose their wealth. He is keeping his powder dry.
    The wheels of justice grind slowly don't they!

  6. If Conrad and his snivelling wife don’t ever return to Canada, it will be too soon.

    Of course he won’t disclose… first of all, as always, he is still above the law.

    Nearly broke? Are you new?

    As for Macleans employing someone who writes nothing but drivel, I’m not too sure what that’s about… unless you are in love with her pretty adjectives?

    If it wasn’t for the very limited space given to her, I had seriously thought of cancelling my subscription over your lack of judgement and professionalism. Instead, I just ignore her.

  7. Having read most replies it seems the most venom against Conrad is from women – was it the Gucci scarf!!

  8. Conrad Black renounced his Canadian citizenship to become a British Lord. Why doesn't he want to go back "home" to England?

  9. why should a convicted felon ,who snubbed his country and renounced his citizenship to be a lord , be welcomed back to canada to soak his wounds .

    we have enough surly egomaniacs now, we do not need a reject

  10. What part of N O does he not understand? Not guilty – BAH!