Conrad Black loses bid for full re-hearing -

Conrad Black loses bid for full re-hearing

Appeals court turns down opportunity to review fraud, obstruction convictions


Conrad Black lost his bid on Friday for a full re-hearing of his case. The former media mogul saw two of his three fraud convictions tossed out last October after the U.S. Supreme Court imposed new restrictions on fraud prosecutions. Black’s lawyers were seeking to have the remaining convictions of fraud and obstruction of justice subject to a new trial. However, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit denied the request in a one-paragraph ruling that did not elaborate on their motives. Black is currently free on bail after spending nearly 2.5 years of his 6.5 year sentence in a Florida prison; his next hearing is scheduled for Jan. 13.

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Conrad Black loses bid for full re-hearing

  1. Black, should have refrained from criticizing one of the Worlds most respected leaders, Prime Minister Harper. Everyone has tentacles!

  2. Lord Black turned his back on Canada and we should respond in kind. We have no use for him.

  3. Yep…stay out of Canada you pompous scum. People like you don't belong here.

  4. Conrad Black was railroaded by the legal system, he should be fully exonerated – And appointed to head the CBC.
    He has a proven record of success in media and could turn the CBC into something watchable under its original mandate – a task that none of the Leftists that infest the organization have ever been able to do.

    • If the enterprises Conrad Black undertook at Hollinger weren't actionable, they posolutely should be. Shall I elucidate excerpts from the appellate decision? I shall:

      Andrew Frey argued that Black and his co-defendants did not steal from Hollinger when they authorized individual non-competition payments. Frey asserted that the monies were "management fees" and that Hollinger International shareholders were not hurt by the payments. Appeals judge Richard Posner said, "The bulk of the evidence [in the Hollinger case] has to do with pretty naked fraud." Posner was skeptical about defense arguments that Black did not obstruct justice by removing boxes from his Toronto office, commenting, "The timing was bizarre, the removal of the documents in the middle of an investigation."

      • Individual Hollinger shareholders would likely have been happy to know that Black and his partners wouldn't be able to turn around and compete against them, they were very successful after all, it was the board that took over Hollinger that wasn't happy and pursued a vendetta against them – and destroyed the value of the company in doing so.

    • If he thinks he could do a good job, he should definitely file an application! Oops, but that criminal record might make it a little bit difficult for him to enter the country, and lots of employers don't like to hire ex-cons.