Conrad Black will be heading back to Canada on a one-year permit -

Conrad Black will be heading back to Canada on a one-year permit


Conrad Black will be heading back to his native Canada after he finishes serving his U.S. prison sentence next weekend even though he no longer is a Canadian citizen, the Globe and Mailreports. The former head of Hollinger International and owner of Canada’s Southam media company, now Postmedia, applied for and received a one-year temporary resident permit that expires in early May, 2013. In Ottawa, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney declined to comment on the case during question period, saying that he has removed himself from any proceedings involving Black, and adding that “Matters such as this are a matter of personal privacy.” NDP Leader Tom Mulcair accused the government of using a “double standard” in deciding whether Canada should admit foreign citizens with a criminal record, the CBC reports. The opposition leader pointed to the case of a U.S. citizen who has not been allowed to return to Canada, where he raised a family, after serving 30 days in a U.S. jail in connection to a 1969 police shooting in Chicago. Citizenship and Immigration Canada granted Black a temporary resident permit, because he is believed to pose no threat to the Canadian public, an anonymous source told the Globe.

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Conrad Black will be heading back to Canada on a one-year permit

  1. Welcome home to a great Canadian.

    Black was deprived of his citizenship by a petty, envious, narrow minded Liberal PM. He was deprived of his freedom by a politicized US prosecutorial system.

    The pipsqueaks will continue to falsely claim however he has gotten privileged treatment.

    • Sucking up to the ‘nobility’….a great colonial tradition.

      • His snooty patrician nose was good and brown.

    • Well said, TheMrJones. Also, I would not live in a country where the likes of Omar Khadr is welcomed back but Lord Black is not allowed to return to the land of his birth. Conrad Black has done more for Canada than most liberals and Liberals (and most Canadians in general) have done, or would care to do.

      • Oh puleeze.

        The best thing Black ever did for Canada was leave it.

      • Yes, it is interesting to see the progressives push for Omar Khadr to return but oppose Conrad Black. What hypocrisy! Personally, I think both are Canadian and both should be permitted back into the country.

    • The Benedict Arnold of Canada. More Conservative rubbish for the slag heap. The pile keeps getting bigger with each passing day.

    • Black voluntarily gave up his Canadian citizenship.

      And he was convicted and jailed by the Americans he so loved.

  2. Little Lord Fauntleroy got exactly what he bargained for. The right to stand up in the House of Lords in a stupid looking wig and long red robe and pretend that he was being ordained by the divine right of kings. He left Canada for that?. Let him run right back to Jolly Olde England if he needs somewhere to go.
    As to your remark about him being deprived of his freedom by a politicized American legal system, you do the crime… you do the time. They had him on videotape. Or did the prosecutor manipulate that too? Plus, his own rat bastard partner dropped the dime on him.

    • There was no prohibition on him taking away personal items. Moreover, the investigators had already swept his office prior to him taking his things home so they had presumably already reviewed any items in his office that were relevant. Frankly, the video tape is a red herring. It does not show guilt or innocence. Whatever his crimes were, the video tape is only a symbol that can be used by the media. It is not “proof of guilt”. Black knew there was a camera so it’s not as if he was hiding anything.

      • I threw in the video tape remark because I knew one of you bleeding hearts would pick up on it. Lord Black is back. A bigger Conservative skunk could’nt be found.

      • Hi Conrad, welcome back to Canada! Still making up stuff, I see.

        Your yarn about the boxes is incorrect. When the court tells you do not take boxes from a building, you do not take boxes from the building. If you have personal effects there you wish to reclaim, you notify counsel, both sides review and attend the site with both sides present. You may NOT swoop in during the dead of night and do as you please with important evidence.

        I hope Mr. black has learned his lesson and as far as i am concerned he is as welcome here as anyone else. Now i would never ever put my money ina business where he had unsupervised control of it, but that’s true of many former criminals.

    • As I said, whining pipsqueaks, in this case falsifying the facts about Black’s pickup of personal property after he had been given to the end of May 2005 to vacate Hollinger’s offices . Black picked up the boxes in full daylight on a business day with the approval of a security officer.

      Of course had he not been wealthy and conservative but had confessed to killing an American medic in Afghanistan, the pipsqueaks would be screaming blue murder about the rights of Canadian citizens.

    • If England is like Canada, they may revoke his citizenship as he was not born there and he is now an “ex-convict”. Thus, he would have to return to the country of his birth…Canada, would he not?