Conrad Black's fraud conviction vacated -

Conrad Black’s fraud conviction vacated

Supreme Court sends case back to lower court


The U.S. Supreme Court has sent Conrad Black’s case back to the federal appeals court, rejecting the lower court’s decision to uphold the former media baron’s fraud conviction. Supreme Court justices ruled the “honest services” law was misused in convicting Black as well as former Enron CEO, though the ruling doesn’t require their convictions to be overturned. Still, it’s a blow to a law that’s become popular with those prosecuting white collar crime, despite being denounced by critics for its vagueness.

New York Times

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Conrad Black’s fraud conviction vacated

  1. If the appeal court overturns his fraud convictions, would his Obstruction of Justice charge also be overturned (ie- what was he obstructing if there was no base charge?)?

  2. Free Conrad!

  3. This again proves,as so often before,that sufficient money hires the best layers who in turn can push to have a case reviewed by the Supreme Court. The average taxpayer certainly could not afford this expense. If Mr. Blacks conviction were to be overturned because of a procedural error,in the face of overwhelming evidence of his guilt,we would all know that justice was not served but that a law system by the well-to-do for the well-to-do was applied.It would thus show that "Justice" can be bought.
    It is not unlike the Middle Ages,when the R.C. Church openly sold guaranteed access to heaven for money.It seems we have not progressed in 500 years.We sure could use a modern Martin Luther in the field of law.