Local mayor denies endorsing Conservative candidate

Kellie Leitch attributes mistake to ‘significant miscommunication’


The campaign team for the Conservative candidate for Simcoe-Grey, Dr. Kellie Leitch, falsely claimed it had been endorsed by Wasaga Beach Mayor Cal Patterson in a letter to former party supporters. The letter, dated January 7, 2011, solicits voters to support Leitch’s candidacy and join the Conservative Party. “I am asking that you join with those listed on the enclosed page to help elect Kellie Leitch as Simcoe-Grey’s Member of Parliament,” the letter states. “I hope that Kellie and the team can count on your support.” Patterson has expressed his anger about the letter, saying he knew nothing about it and demanding an immediate retraction. Letich says that Patterson’s office sent her the signature, and apologized for what she called a “significant miscommunication.”


CLARIFICATION: This story has been edited from the original.

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Local mayor denies endorsing Conservative candidate

  1. After the Avaaz fiasco, now this on a local level, why are we all surprised?

  2. Leitch v Guergis

    What did Simcoe Grey Conservatives DO?

  3. “significant miscommunication”, eh? I think I would have used a pair of shorter words myself.

  4. "Whoops, we could have sworn that the mayor gave us the go-ahead to forge his signature on the letter. But apparently not. So sorry."

  5. Is she saying only the signature was "significantly misscommunicated"? [ forged is more compact and compelling really] Cus that's not what the mayor seems to be saying?

  6. Um, why would the mayor's office SEND her team the signature if they weren't granting her permission to use it? It sounds like someone at the mayor's office was acting without the mayor's approval. If these are indeed the facts, that's hardly the Leitch campaign's fault.

  7. Is it really that easy to get this mans signature? He is the mayor for goodness sake. Obviously, his office sent it to them. I doubt a campaign would claim they received the signature if they didn't have the proof to back it up. What's more important is that this guy signs the cheques, so let's hope this signature is not floating around.

  8. maybe these elected officials should read the code of ethics that they took when elected,that would be a good start. Hey its politics when things go wrong deny,deny deny.

  9. Real kellie this kellie

    Harper's “star” candidate parachuted into Simcoe-Grey's riding.

    Dr. Kellie's agenda given to her by Harper when she was just 14 years old? Kill national health care for the neocons.

    The story of how the Cons "introduced" parachute candidate Dr. Kellie Leitch into Helena Guergis' riding. Guergis was recently ousted without explanation to make room for the doctor bought and sold.

  10. I have lived in New Paltz for about a decade now and can say without hesitation that I believe New Paltz is one of the greatest places, not just in the Hudson Valley, but in our country. My love for our community and my longing to see it improve was the main reason I chose to run for public office when I was still attending high school. Being elected at such a young age has given me the chance to meet a number of elected officials across our state and nation. A number of those people I admired so much that I chose to work on their campaigns, helping organize and attending their events, making phone calls, knocking on doors, etc. I have always felt that citizens should take an active role in democracy. Yet, through it all I have never written an endorsement letter for a candidate seeking office until today.

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