Conservative donors open fire on party

Some threaten to withhold party donations if gun registry isn’t scrapped


Now is the hunting season of their political discontent. The Toronto Star reports that a growing number of normally Conservative-voting gun fanciers are putting their disappointment where their wallets are following the government’s refusal to give official backing to a private members’ bill to abolish the gun registry and loosen restrictions on semi-automatic weapons. It’s not clear how much money could be at stake for the Tories. The government insists that it has every intention of carrying out its promise to scrap the Liberal-initiated registry. Meanwhile, the justice minister has introduced legislation that he claims would do much the same thing as the private members’ bill: eliminate the long-gun registry.

Toronto Star

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Conservative donors open fire on party

  1. Well, nice to see the neocon right wing kooks have their priorities straight. The world economy goes off a cliff. Hundreds of thousands of Canadians are about to loose everything and the gun nuts are outraged they might have to register their phallic symbols. As always with that bunch, it’s all about them. I have news for you, this is not the States. You no more have a “right to bare arms” any more than you have the right to own a nuclear bomb. I find it astonishing that in a country where people have to register their car and even their dog, that some are astounded that you have to register deadly weapons. I stongly suggest if you can’t live with that simple request, head off to nutter country south of the border.

  2. Now now, some of us are not donating time or money because the government is running an unnecessary deficit from unnecessary spending, and there is no amount of red meat that you can throw to distract us from that.

    Well, I might bend a little if they became a pro-life party again.

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