Conservative government spends $26-million on winter ad blitz -

Conservative government spends $26-million on winter ad blitz

Three federal departments split cost of Economic Action Plan advertisements


By the time its “winter ad blitz” is done, the federal government will have spent $26-million in taxpayer dollars to promote the Economic Action Plan. The three-month media buy targeted televised events with high viewership, such as the Super Bowl and the Oscars, between January 11 and March 31. Three federal departments shared the cost of the ad purchase: Human Resources and Development Canada spent $14.5-million over nine weeks; the Canada Revenue Agency budgeted $6.5-million over 11 weeks; and the Ministry of Finance shelled out $5-million.

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Conservative government spends $26-million on winter ad blitz

  1. Another item under "Things the Canadian Media will never tell you".

    Summary of Government advertising expenses on government priorities, taken from the annual reports of government advertising activity

    Liberal governments:
    2002-2003: $110M
    2003-2004: $70M
    2004-2005: $50M (includes 4 month election suspension)
    2005-2006: $41M (includes 4 month election suspension)

    Average: $67.5M

    Conservative Government:
    2006-2007: $71.3M
    2007-2008: $78.1M
    2008-2009: $79.5M (includes 2 month election suspension)

    Average: $76.3M

    When you factor in inflation, and the fact that some of the reductions in the Liberal spend were caused by moratoriums during the 2004 (no government advertising between May and September 2004) and 2006 election campaigns (no government advertising between December 2005 and March 2006), not much of a significant different. I'm guessing the Tories will probably not match the $110M that the Liberals spent in 2002-2003, after adjustment for inflation.

    • Dude, I do not care whether anyone else did it before or which party they were from … don't waste my money on pre-election propaganda and call it "government advertising" …

      If there is an election, the Harper Party will be running on the basis of: "ignore our contempt for democracy and public institutions, worry only about the economy … which is good" … it is not a coincidence that these so-called "government ads" which are essentially the Harper Government congratulating itself on its Economic Action Plan are coming out at this time …

      I don't need my government to tell me how good a job they are doing … I should be able to figure it out for myself …

    • Although the final numbers aren't in, it is estimated that the Conservatives spent 136 billion in the 09-10 fiscal year (

      So, the new "average" would most definately put them well outside the average set by the Liberals (even if you factor for inflation)

      2006-2007: $71.3M
      2007-2008: $78.1M
      2008-2009: $79.5M (includes 2 month election suspension)
      2009 – 2010: $136

      Average: $91.3M

      In other words, the new average in getting close to the high water mark set by the Liberals.

      • Fair enough. The 2009-10 report was not on the web site, hadn't seen those numbers.

        But part of the whole idea of the EAP / stimulus, if you believe in it (which I don't, but anyways…) was not just that the government needed to stimulate the economy; they needed to be seen to be stimulating the economy to help maintain confidence in the economy. I'm not sure how you do that without an advertising blitz. There isn't anything partisan in the ads themselves. It's the same reason Obama went on an advertising blitz in the US for the same thing.

        • I agree with you on that – which is why I was not nearly as upset about the $$ spent last year.

          By our government's own admission, we are out of the recession, consumer confidence has returned to pre-recession levels, and although the full time permanent jobs aren't there, the unemployment rate is starting to tic back down.

          So, why then, other than for political posturing, would a government have to spend 26 million, in less than 3 months to announce measures, that in some cases were introduced 5 YEARS AGO? Also, there is a 4 million ad buy to advertise the 2011 budget.

          • Exactly my view, as well. The earlier Economic Action Plan advertising was just annoying (as I find most advertising to be). This round is annoying, frustrating, and maddening!

          • Hoow much of the Liberal spending was on ads about actualprograms and services; you know, actually providing useful information to the people of Canada? Since the Conservatives keep cutting the programs that work, they have less of substance to advertise.

            Look at all the crap the Government of Harper has pulled:

          • Good list, Holly, thanks.

            And speaking of the Nuclear industry, can we revisit the idea of selling off ours? I don't understand how it is that we can't get the Candu reactors to work when building new ones, when we already have several working every day. In light of recent events, and my understanding that Candu's cool differently (somehow), maybe their time has come?

    • And what if you factor in the fact that we are up to our neck in debt this time around?

      My wife bought a car for 18k a few years back when we were both working full time.
      I need a truck today for my summer work but can only afford 4.5k, because there is not as much cash coming in now.

      Situations change over time and we (both parties listed above) can afford it less now. I could try your argument on the bank manager but I don't think it'll get me anywhere, unless you are a bank manager and can accept that logic?

    • Im sure SARS had nothing to do with gov advertising expenditures in 2002 and 2003.

    • Check the trend lines on those.

  2. I don't need the government to tell me how well they're doing by spending my money when we can't afford decent public health care, education or a public housing program for the homeless. It shows how little they actually care about the people.

  3. There will always be enough stupid Canadians voting to give Harpy a chance.

  4. All i can say is. if the Liberal media would do there job. and tell what the government is doing then the Gov. would not have to pay for adds to advise the public

  5. Has anyone had reason to purchase network advertising?

    I'm wondering if you can get a block of so many minutes (the more minutes, the cheaper each minute), perhaps with premiums placed on popular show hours or something. Anyone know how it actually works?

  6. Back in March 2010, the Board of Internal Economy promised Canadians that MPs would cease delivering ten-percenters to Canadian households. It looks like that practice of out-of-constituency mail outs by Conservative MPs has reared its ugly head once again as shown here:

    Our MPs just love to spend our money for us particularly when it comes to campaigning. If MPs don’t respect each other in the House, how can we expect them to show anything but contempt for the Canadian public and the tax dollars that we “donate” to Ottawa.

  7. I am extremely annoyed that the Harper Government [sic] is using taxpayers' money to indulge in partisan feel-good advertising.

    And the worst part of it is that the strategic planners in the PMO are probably patting themselves on the back for being clever enough to game the system in this way.

  8. Lets review Harper and his minions, for a 'moment' or two. Yes it's about the amount of time they deserve. Oh, but they get more than a moment of time. Why??? Because they have a MEDIA PROPAGANDA CENTRE in Ottawa. It is tuned to disseminating marginal and often misleading information on current Canadian affairs.It is clearly focused on slanting the news media in favour of "The Harper Government". And do not dare to publish an opposing viewpoint. You will be shunned by the Harper Jihadists, thanks Bob, I like that line. And if Demitri Soudas says you are not welcome, well, I guess you are not, welcome that is. And, yes, when Demiti's organizers tell the media types to disband and move out. Well, they follow instructions. Such heady power possessed by these Demitri types.
    But does the Timmy's crowd care. Harper seems to believe they are in his hip pocket! I say watch out, when Harper finally sits down who will cry 'ouch'. Does this have a meaning? Yes it does. Eventually the timmy crowd will realize that jobs, as in well-paying, are disappearing and the Harper Government's job creation consists of " house-cleaning", "working at McDonald's" , or, oh yes, "serving coffee at Tim's". Can these jobs buy a home, a new car, take a vacation??? Get my drift. There are precious few good jobs being created.
    So eventually the multitudes wake up. Usually after being deceived to the point of anger. If you haven't reached this point yet, just wait and it will happen.