Conservative Jacques Gourde: chutzpah with a capital 'C' -

Conservative Jacques Gourde: chutzpah with a capital ‘C’


“The resources of Parliament should serve to help all constituents of a district, in a non-partisan fashion.”Conservative Jacques Goude, reacting incredulously at the news that the NDP might sell memberships out of MP’s district offices.

So, Gourde is so furious at the prospect of the NDP selling cards out of their offices that he lodged a complaint with the, uh, Board of Internal Economy. How nice. In other news, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney is appearing at events for Ontario Conservative leader Tim Hudak—on his own time, we’re sure. Yes, the same Kenney whose office “used government resources to raise money for the Conservative party” last March.

Oy vey.

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Conservative Jacques Gourde: chutzpah with a capital ‘C’

  1. You know, if Jacques Goude weren’t part of the most overtly, non-stop partisan government then he would definitely have a point about the propriety of selling party memberships out of a contituency office.

    • So you’re saying that the NDP are allowed to do it if it’s a Conservative that happens to notice?

      • Not at all.  I definitely think it is wrong.  It is just ironic that the finger is being pointed by such well-oiled practioners of the black arts as these Cons.

        It is a huge case of the pot calling the kettle black.

        • That’s not irony. It was the opposition parties that were going ape-sh*t over the Conservative logos on the stimulus cheques. It’s called democracy – the parties are in competition. If Gourde said nothing, then there would really be a problem, that would indicate the parties in collusion with each other to ignore the rules. Is that what you would prefer?

          In particular, just because you can find a Conservative such as Kenney breaking the rules, then what does that have to do with Jacques Gourde?

          And now that the NDP has been caught breaking the rules, does that mean they can no longer point out the same with the Conservatives? Would that be ironic too?

  2. So Cons really do see the NDP as a threat.  I thought it was just the bots doing their usual nonsense.

    • No, just the press doing their usual nonsense.

  3. So if Patriquin is alright with MP resources being used for party benefit, I’m sure he was also completely fine with the Conservatives issuing stimulus cheques with Conservative party logos on them.

    I mean, what’s the point?  Are you claiming that two wrongs make a right?

    Who cares what individual reported the issue.  Is it an issue or not?  Are you claiming that selling party memberships from MP offices is OK? How about selling party memberships from the House of Commons?  You could set up a booth in there.  Maybe we could install party member ship booths in EI offices – after all, unemployed people might want to spend their time promoting the NDP.