Conservative candidate accused of ageism

Comments on Liberal opponent draws criticism from seniors advocates


Conservative minister candidate Shelly Glover has drawn the ire of CARP, Canada’s seniors advocacy organization, after saying 68-year-old Liberal candidate Anita Neville is “passed her expiry date.” In an interview with Global News on Monday, Glover said that Neville’s riding of Winnipeg South Centre, which she has represented since 2000, was in need of “some fresh blood, we need some new people who have some new ideas and who are willing to stand up for their constituents.” Glover then made the comment about the Liberal candidate being passed her expiration date. In an official statement made by CARP vice-president Susan Eng, the organization asked Glover to retract her statement and apologize to her and Neville’s constituents. On Tuesday morning, Glover issued statement on the controversy, saying she was not referring to Neville’s age, merely her time as an MP, and criticizing Neville for voting against the Guaranteed Income Supplement, which she said benefits seniors directly.

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Conservative candidate accused of ageism

  1. Prime Minister do you remember on December 16th 2003 when you cheated, deceived, lied and back-stabbed the PROGRESSIVE CONSERVATIVE members by signing up the reformers in the PC Party and voting twice both as reformers at Reform party and as PC members at PC party?

    Do you remember the following day on December 17th with Peter (no merger candidate) MacKay both of you ran to the offices of elections Canada and got Kinsley to open the office and break the laws of Parliament of Canada to merge the 2 parties without the 30 days cooling off period necessary by elections Canada ACT?

    You see, the foundation of your Neo Cons party was built on cheating, lies and deceit and you never stopped till today. Still you are doing the same.

    Your misery hasn't started yet and when eventually you lose your own seat and history judges you, you will be synonymous with everything bad and the worse Prime Minister Canada ever had.

    The final thing you need to remember is you went through the backdoor to get the party made and you did not care about what the PC Party members wanted and therefore you stacked the ridings with Canadian Alliance members. Therefore since the PC members never had a say the PC party should be around today.

    • Is that you Joe Clark?

  2. Sarah Palin warned us about Obama Harpers death panels but did we listen, no sad to say we bought into the read my lips no new taxes (not counting HST) party line.

  3. I am an old senior CARP does not speak for me.I still have my sense of humor something that the members of CARP seemed to have lost.My friends and I have great fun watching comedians use us to have some fun.CARP it seems is always carping.

    • I'm not a senior, but I do agree that in this case, CARP is just looking for a fight where there really isn't any. Speaking of an incumbent as being past the expiration date is pretty obviously a comment on the incumbency, not the age.

      Then again, perhaps I'm biased because..



  4. Glover lied.

    There was no budget vote.

    The Harper Regime fell on the bases of contempt of parliament.

    • And that's an excellent jumping off point for Neville, if she chooses to play it, "Ms. Glover has indicated I voted against the GIS supplement. I defy her to show any record of me voting against such a thing. It is unfortunate that she feels her own government has so little going for it that she must blatantly lie about the records of others."

  5. Another great move by our present and future Prime minister. Well known any country run by an idiot like cretin, would be contemptible. Remember, the drunken bums, running up the huge liquor bills that we paid for, etc. No more frenchman running this Country!!

    • Learn some French while you're at it.

  6. Does this has something to due with a sense of humor ? Seem to be having a senior moment.apparently CARP bars them from their members.As a matter of fact I do not remember one thing CARP has done for Canadian seniors.I know as a member of the public service retirees they have done a lot. Could CARP tell me what legislation they changed?

  7. Shelly Glover is NOT a minister, she's a parliamentary secretary. These are basic facts, how could you miss that?

  8. Once again the Liberal media hyenas are manufacturing something out of thin air, to conjure up a fog of deceit. The Liberal party media lynch mob creating a false story with malicious intent. Ms. Glover was referring to nevilles tenure in her riding, Glover never referred to Nevilles age whatsoever. The slimy Liberal party media have once again created a story that doesn't exist by putting words in Ms. Glovers mouth. As horrid and vile as the Liberal/Separatist/NDP party is, their media are viciously dishonest and corrupt.

    • Have you ever answered an ad on Craigslist? Just wondering …

      • Have you ever had a lobotomy? Just wondering…

  9. Tories hold everyone in CONTEMPT! Seniors included!!! And to prove it just read the support this horible statement is getting from the right wing, mean spirited, evil minded tories… The words 'I apologize' is not in their vocabulary. Their always right…wing!

  10. Foolish gaffe … explanation is not plausible … only made it worse …

  11. It seems that the Liberals and their supporters are making the knee-jerk responses already. It seems that Neville is worried since her career, much like the party, will expire…..

    ….like a magazine subscription.

    George Carlin's words still resonate from the grave.

  12. The Guardian had it right in their 2008 article entitled "THE CANADIAN NIXON"

    And this was written BEFORE the Liar was found in CONTEMPT OF PARLIAMENT (Nixon was found in Contempt of Congress under Article 3)

  13. As a member of CARP I am very disappointed that they seem willing to get sucked into every political statement that can even remotely be construed as ageist, even apparently without exploring the context or the fact that the media has manipulated the story rather than simply reporting it. It seems CARP is becoming just like several other segments of todays society where they have nothing better to do than seekout opportunities to be insulted. Perhaps CARP is past its expiration date in representing their membership as most people are our age are much smarter than that.

  14. Lets assume the comments are ageist and not political boilerplate – I say good on you, Glover. Our government disproportionately favours pro-geezer policies like budget-busting pensions and out of control health costs. As an investment "Investing in seniors" is a bit like "investing" in a building scheduled for demolition. Ageism is already accomplishing much, by keeping those worthless Millennials out of Ottawa – think of how much more it could do by screwing old people the way it screws the young.

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