Conservative pollster censured for misinformation campaign against Liberal MP


OTTAWA – A Conservative pollster has been censured by the market research industry’s watchdog for conducting a misinformation campaign against Liberal MP Irwin Cotler.

An investigation by the Marketing Research and Intelligence Associations has concluded that the actions of Campaign Research Inc. tarnished the image of the market research profession.

A complaints panel set up by the MRIA says Campaign Research violated three provisions of the association’s code of conduct.

At issue is a poll conducted by Campaign Research on behalf of the federal Conservative party in Cotler’s Montreal riding last autumn.

Respondents were told — falsely — that Cotler was about to resign as the MP for Mount Royal.

Cotler complained about the calls to House of Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer, who called the tactic “reprehensible,” although he was powerless to take any action.

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Conservative pollster censured for misinformation campaign against Liberal MP

  1. Thank goodness! Democracy is saved! Now that a phone bank will have to take a certification off their wall, we can all rest easy.

    • But still, we now know that in the world of market research, this isn’t just shrugged at. It’s wrist-slapped, granted, but that’s better than a HoC shrug.

  2. Had a quick look at Campaign Research Inc’s web site.

    Happy to conclude that there is no problem at all: “At Campaign Research we adhere strictly to MRIA’s Ten Core Principles Governing Conduct.”

    which includes good stuff like: accuracy, ethical practice etc.

    Of course it is a little disconcerting that they don’t list a single exec, owner or member of any sort of board. Why would anyone do business with such an outfit?

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