Conservative ridings got more stimulus money in Quebec -

Conservative ridings got more stimulus money in Quebec

Top two recipients considered key battleground ridings


Four of the 10 Quebec ridings that received the most stimulus money from Ottawa’s Community Adjustment Fund are currently held by Conservatives, despite the fact that the party holds only 11 of 75 of the province’s seats. The riding that got the most funding—$8 million in total—was Montmagny-L’Islet-Kamouraska-Rivière-du-Loup, a key battleground the Conservatives won in a 2009 by-election. The second-most money went to Roberval-Lac-Saint-Jean, another hotly-contested Conservative riding. The third most went to Shefford, which is held by the Bloc Quebecois. Conservative Natural Resource Minister Christian Paradis’s riding, Megantic-L’Érable, ranked fourth. “Projects are evaluated based on merit,” Sophie Legendre, interim director of operations for the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec, said, denying there was favoritism involved. The findings, collected by Canadian Press, echo those of a 2009 study that showed Conservative ridings received, on average, more stimulus funding that those held by opposition MPs in almost every province.

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Conservative ridings got more stimulus money in Quebec

  1. My fervent wish is that the people in those ridings see it for what it is, a shabby bribe, then enjoy the money from the fools in Ottawa and on election day dump them for the low-lives that they are.

  2. Mike, get real. The prime purpose of any political party is to get re-elected and the porkbarrel is where they go to do it. Prime axiom, ya dance with who brought ya and treat them nice. I had hoped the Francopone xynophobia of the right was curtiled somewhat. Per capita Quebec gets considerably less than does the other provinces who qualify for equalization. Top dog is PEI with $2,422. per capita, New Brunswick @ $2,257, Manitoba @$1,700. Nova Scotia @$1,672. and Quebec @$1,071.

    • per capita is interesting but the stats would also show that quebec gets by far the most dollar amount of equalization ..add that to the fact that it is overrepresented in almost everything else too whether we are talking about the senate, the supreme court, the civil service etc …by threatening to separate they will always get the best deal

  3. fuddle duddle:When you read the raison d'etre ( hope that didn't offend) behind the payments and the various functions Quebec performs for herself and takes compensation for rather than have Ottawa do it, or just how much she does contribute to the Federal coffers, perhaps you'll see she gets few special deals. Her representation in the Senate and Commons is just, nor does she have any unusual impression on the Courts. I've never ceased to be surprised at the gross overstatement of Quebec's power but it reminds me that unfounded xenophobic propoganda is ruinious, very much like the Orange rhetoric and boasts I knew as boy in Toronto.

  4. It's cute that people still get outraged by this "surprise," after they earnestly insisted on Keynesian pork shovelled hither and yon a year and two ago.

    Cue the "yeah but this only shows Tory incompetence, not general government incompetence" blind view of history: you're on in five, four, three…

  5. The money was allocated based on merit … not political affiliation … some of the ridings voted Bloc in 2009 including the one that got the most …

    Why is 'governance' always considered a 'political sport' by the opposition?

    What do these allegations suggest … that any BLOC riding that switches to the Conservatives must not receive funding ?

    Does the BLOC plan to regain these seats from the people who sought and were awarded funding for their projects, that he now opposes ? How is that going to work ?

    Do you suppose the Conservatives made an effort to deny funding to regions they do not hold ? Do you suppose that the Conservative have no interest in those ridings ?

    Give me a break. Sometimes funding goes where it is deserved … to the people.

    Isn't that exactly what we want.

  6. There is something very fishy with the logic of this writing; " Four out of ten ridings who received most money are held by Conservatives. The third most went to Shefford, which is held by the Bloc Quebecois". This author is just glossing it and emphasized "hotly contested". There are all in all 11 conservative ridings in Quebec, yet only four are listed on the top ten, so six or majority of the top ten are held by Bloc Quebecois. Is this writer a journalist or is he spouting a slant or BS?

  7. Had these two ridings received less money, would there have been an article?

  8. Make sure to vote liberal, then everyone will get money. Problem is, no one will have any left to live on.