Conservatives agree to plea deal in “in-and-out” scandal

The party and its fundraising wing agree to pay over $50,000 in fines


Charges against four senior members of the federal Conservatives, including two senators, were dropped on Thursday as part of a plea deal in the “in-and-out” election financing scandal. In exchange, the Conservative party and its fundraising arm have plead guilty to charges the party exceeded election spending limits and filed election records that didn’t include all of its expenses. The prosecutor and defence attorneys agreed the Conservative party and its fundraising arm would pay fines of $50,000 and $2,000, respectively, to settle the case. Senator Doug Finley, Senator Irving Gerstein, Michael Donison and Susan Kehoe had originally been charged under the Elections Act for their roles in a scheme to shift expenses between local campaigns and the national campaign during the 2006 election.


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Conservatives agree to plea deal in “in-and-out” scandal

  1. Didn’t I hear that they weren’t guilty of this? Why would they agree to a payout if they had done nothing wrong?

    • No. You heard that they won the appeal that basically said Elections Canada couldn’t treat them as guilty and with-hold their campaign refunds until it was proven that they were guilty.

      That case is still to come forward in the Supreme Court.

  2. Great!  My local MP is now a member of a criminal organization! She shoud arrest herself and spead time in the new prisons we are going to speand billions on!

  3. Transparency AND accountability!

  4. Makes me think again about continuing to provide donations

    • But surely they need your money.

  5. A true reflection of Harper’s own aura; sneaky, can’t look you in the eye untrustworthy, personally quite insecure and can’t bring himself to admit mistakes or bad judgment.

  6. It’s a spin…they HAD to admit guilt to get the plea bargain hence, they are not “cleared” of the charges. They pled guilty..period. The fines were the maximum that could be charged hence, if it was really not a breach, they would not have been fined to that extent. And.. they are getting away with it in the sense that they don’t have to answer to the Canadian people… they can do whatever they want, it seems. (i.e. Tony Clement’s $50 million dollar slush fund). Shame…

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