Conservatives, All-Bran and pizza


Towards the end of the Tories’ first caucus meeting following the holiday break, staffers were seen bringing hot pizzas into the room as journalists outside the door salivated.


Earlier, a cart with All Bran bars and peanut-free chocolate chip Chewy bars was seen going in.



Peter Van Loan, Minister of Public Safety, shows off his environmentally friendly shopping bag.


Conservatives almost never use the mic set up on the Hill after caucus meetings. This time Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Foreign Affairs, used it to talk to the media. He was even on crutches.


Guy Lauzon, the Tory Caucus Chair, used it.


Lisa Raitt, Minister of Natural Resources, also took to the mic.



Also at the caucus meeting was Chuck Strahl, Ministry of Indian and Northern Affairs.



Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance.



PM spokesperson Dimitri Soudas.



Conservative MP Rob Anders.



Conservatives, All-Bran and pizza

  1. didn’t realize the House of Commons catering contract allowed for outside food to be brought in.

  2. Good God but isn’t Van Load…er, Loan…hideous looking.

    • Did he have that smile attached surgically?

    • TI Guy,
      If you are going to throw stones (at Van Loan), suggest that you might want to put your own ugly face on display see what we think of you. We just might think of you as being hideous too.

  3. flaherty was allowed to have pizza only after he’d shown that he hadn’t just scribbled out the budget on the palm of his hand this time.

  4. So, Conservatives don’t share – why am I not surprised. You know their motto – you’re on your own.

    • C’mon Sandhi, they probably tipped they guy, right??

  5. With John Turner getting a peck on the cheek from the pizza delivery….

    • Mitchel, John Turner at least deserves a tag in your post…

  6. All Bran bars. And conservatives.

    The joke writes itself…

  7. Do they really put all-bran on their pizza ?