Conservatives ask Supreme Court to assess Harper's latest nominee to top bench -

Conservatives ask Supreme Court to assess Harper’s latest nominee to top bench


OTTAWA – The Conservative government is asking the eight sitting Supreme Court judges to rule on whether its latest appointee, Marc Nadon, is qualified to join their ranks.

Justice Minister Peter MacKay says challenges to Nadon’s appointment need a speedy resolution and the government is clarifying the rules.

The government used another massive budget implementation bill tabled today to offer amendments that will remove the main impediment to Nadon’s appointment.

According to MacKay, the changes will declare that individuals with at least 10 years on the Quebec bar at any point in their career are eligible for the Supreme Court bench.

Nadon’s appointment is under scrutiny because it is claimed the judge does not meet the special requirements, guaranteed under the law, for Quebec’s three Supreme Court judges.

Opposition MPs are questioning why the Conservatives have used another omnibus budget bill of more than 300 pages to make such an important non-budgetary change to the Supreme Court of Canada Act.


Conservatives ask Supreme Court to assess Harper’s latest nominee to top bench

  1. Speedy resolution please. We are paying him a salary of some $340,000 plus – for no reason at the moment. And QC should have the three judges as stated in the law when its voice is heard on Senate reform. There’s quite a stink in QC over the fact that Me Nadon has not been a resident of QC for more than twenty years – although he is a member of the QC bar, I understand.

  2. You don’t understand. They have to use budget bills because otherwise some of their MPs have the temerity to remember something about a “free votes” promise, and that’s just awkward.

    Also, if it’s in a budget bill then they don’t have to bring it to the senate where the number of sitting CPC appointees seems to be shrinking by the day.

    • Plus they get to accuse the opposition of being opposed to his appointment if they vote against the omnibus bill – “the Opposition is trying to sabotage justice!”