Conservatives celebrate 5 years in power


Tories turned out at the Hard Rock Cafe for a party in honour of staying in power for five years. (L-R) Val Day, Treasury Board President Stockwell Day, Laureen Harper.


Labour Minister Lisa Raitt.


Immigration Minister Jason Kenney.


Conservative MP Brian Jean and Stefania Capovilla.


Conservative MP Candice Hoeppner (left).


Former Conservative MP Monte Solberg.


The party people.


Conservatives celebrate 5 years in power

  1. Stockwell Day also marked his ninth anniversary of not calling people pedophiles in public!

  2. How many posters bearing Stephen Harper's name or photograph were displayed in that room? Looking at the photos on this page, at least four (one shows up in two photographs).

    The Conservative cult of personality scares me.

    • Unlike the Liberals, seriously, who even remembers that Trudeau guy?

      • I'd say it's conservatives who remember him most. Gawd knows 27 years after he left and 11 after he died they're still obsessed with a grudge against him.


    • Have you been paying attention to Canadian politics? Party titles are background to whoever the leader of the day is. Parties are vote aggregators among the general electorate and vote whipping machines for leaders. If you went to a party for any Party in the last 40 years, there would have been the same ubiquitous pimping of the leader du jour. Trudeau, Broadbent, Mulroney, Chretien, Layton, Ignatieff, Duceppe – their faces were/are everywhere they claim office or party space.

      • I think there's a difference between using the leader's name or image in campaign literature or TV spots, and using the leader's name or image in a private Conservative-only social gathering. And I don't recall the name and image of other leaders being quite as omnipresent as Harper's is now.

        Having personalized images of The Leader at each table, and giant posters of Himself on the walls, just seems unhealthy to me. Unless the goal was to influence the voting habits of the waitstaff.

        • I will admit to not being a party insider, so I cannot personally attest to how Party parties are decorated. However, Liberals fetishized Trudeau's gunslinger photo and Chretien's denim shirt poster. Conservatives adored Mulroney.

          As for campaigns, sure the leader is featured. But I think it's more than "using the leader's name or image". The Leader is everything in today's Canadian politics. MPs get elected because of their leader, not their own merits, to a staggering degree. Leaders set policy and campaign direction, without input even from regional ministers; it's all about the professional team around the leader.

          The CPC has just managed 5 years of Government, despite minority status. They owe everything to Stephen Harper. It doesn't surprise me one bit that he is featured prominently everywhere they go, reminding them of why they are in a job/in office/in cabinet/in patronage positions, etc…

          • I have a feeling your explanation, though very accurate, will not be well received in these parts.

          • That may be. It's not meant to pick on or prop up one side or the other. In fact I was rather studious about using bipartisan examples. The main point is that all parties rely far too heavily on a centralized leadership, regardless of why it is that our political process has trended that way. I don't think it would be any more or less surprising to see Liberals pasting Iggy signs or NDPers wallpapering with Cookie Dusters if their respective leaders take them to the promised land of power.

          • I`m not sure why my comment was not allowed but I do agree with you.

  3. Woah, wild party. Looks like a gathering of Futureshop franchise owners.

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