Conservatives edge ahead -

Conservatives edge ahead

Breaking January’s tie, Tories gain lead in new poll


Stephen Harper can sleep easy tonight. A new EKOS poll shows that Conservatives have a 3 percentage point lead over Liberals. The poll suggests that, were an election to be held tomorrow, 32.4 per cent of Canadians would vote Conservative. Liberals would grab 29.4 per cent of the vote. In other words, things aren’t looking good for Liberals, who were nearly tied with the Tories in late January. Some suggest that the 3 point lead is due to an “Olympic bounce,” and optimism about Canada’s global image. Others say it’s a sign that the unpopular prorogation issue is fading into the background.

CBC News

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Conservatives edge ahead

  1. Don't worry, a showdown over documents will probably have an impact on opinion as well. Either that, or we'll have an election.

    • There's no need to worry, the Conservatives are ahead.

  2. Oh brother.. who wrote this commentary on this poll from Macleans? The LAST Ekos poll last week also showed a 3 point Conservative lead, which means this poll is unchanged from last week's Tory lead..Yet Macleans is claiming "things aren't looking good" for the Liberals? You might have been able to use your assertions for last week's Ekos poll.. but it's a stretch to try and claim it for the following weeks poll which shows no change.

    So again, I ask which Macleans editor wrote this summary up?

  3. Seems to me that a mere 3-point CPC lead is good news for the Liberals. Last year this small a gap seemed like a fantasy.

  4. The horse race is dead! Long live the horse race!

  5. This changes everything.

  6. just wait for disaffected liberals and undecideds to reply to the pollsters with respect for Iggy just rolling over and .. surprise surprise not trying to actually VOTE down the budget due to poltical cowardice …

  7. Harper is wanting an election and Ignatieff know this. IF Harper wants one, let him be the one to call one. He can march right over to the GG and ask for one. What a circus this idiotic government has become and i can say the same for his lame brain-dead supporters.

    They haven't given a thought how there lives would change and have changed. A bunch of angry militant sheep who would be hurt as much as we Canadians with Harper and a majority. He has thought them wee, attach insult lie and i don't know about the rest of you but I accept that an election right now is useless and Canadians do not want one. There will be a lot more opportunity to bring this government down and why bother now, let smart A** bring himself down. He will, his big mouth is his best enemy.

    • And replacing Harper with the Liberals or NDP will create Utopia? Give your head a shake! While you're at it go back to School!

  8. He has thought them well, attack insult lie and iI don't know about the rest of you but I accept that an election right now is useless and Canadians do not want one.

    Oops, typos and corrections on above statement.

  9. Do we really want liberals in charge of the purse strings right now?

    • nope ! especially as they would probably unite with the ndp, and we don't want to know jack

    • yes, we do.

  10. Ignatieff's trouble is that he shows no intensity, little energy. As a politician he is too laid back and OLD in behaviour as well as years.

    Just compare with Trudeau. Trudeau may have been wrong in many things, but no-one ever accused him of not showing oomph, drive, push, action, thoughts spilling out like a volcano…..All that creates a sense of adventure and creates the mystique an opposition leader needs often to win office.

    True, Harper is a listless bore, too. Yet he is PM. Well, Harper was fortunate in that the Martin regime blew its credibility. Ignatieff has to show some real oomph or he will just fall by the wayside.

  11. Poor Ignatieff.

    He thought he would be daring and go on a great adventure, taking up politics after an interesting life as academic and writer.

    Then he found out he was too old and lacked the pounding energy success in politics calls for…….

  12. Alas, poor Mr Yawnatieff.