Conservatives fail to block election results review


The Federal Court will see the challenge to results of several close ridings from the 2011 election, despite the Conservative party’s attempt to block the review. The CBC reports a group of voters, with backing from the  Council of Canadians, want results in ridings affected by the robocall scandal to be overturned. In these areas, many citizens complained of receiving misleading phone calls directing them to other polling stations.

The Conservatives requested last month that the application for review be thrown out, claiming it was unsubstantiated and filed too late, writes the National Post. The Conservative Party won all seven seats in the ridings in question. Federal Court Justice Martha Milczynski said in her ruling that applications to dismiss the election results raise concerns over the integrity of the democratic process.

Overturning the results would force a by-election in each riding.

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Conservatives fail to block election results review

  1. Pierre Poutine is a Conservative crook,
    Whose Robcalls some voters mistook,
    He’ll be able to tell,
    From inside a cell,
    If his campaign strategy needs a new look.

  2. There once was an operative from Guelph,
    who became a conservative elf.
    His electoral fraud,
    was sanctioned by God,
    at the expense of democracy’s health.

    • LOL

  3. I hope the conservative MPs don’t think they will get away with this in the end because there isn’t enough rope to go around. You think you are only going to lose your jobs?

    I’ve got just enough rope for all them…and some nice tall tress near my house in need of decorations.

    These swine are going to learn what it looks like when you spit on the graves of dead war heroes, and on the freedoms those heroes were trying to preserve. In my mind, these criminals are not Canadian, and they deserve no Canadian rights. They will receive the type of justice that is metered out in the tin-pot dictatorships they so aspire to turn Canada into.

    Prepare to be judged, traitors.

  4. If you can’t get the head of the snake, take the tail instead.

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