Conservatives fund 634 new prison beds -

Conservatives fund 634 new prison beds

$601 million to be spent to create 2,552 additional beds


The Conservatives announced $150-million in new spending for prison beds Monday which will allow 634 new spots at jails in Quebec, the Prairies and Ontario. Although the Conservative “tough on crime” agenda has been popular with many voters, the additional $601-million in funding announced for new beds has the opposition fighting back. “The big change was when we started to see what the costs were,” Mark Holland, Liberal public safety critic, said yesterday. The total number of new beds planned for current prisons is 2,552 and The Correctional Service of Canada is working on plans for new penitentiaries. More beds are needed to house criminals who may not have received jail time before new mandatory-sentence laws.

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Conservatives fund 634 new prison beds

  1. WHAT? 634 BEDS? Our criminals are getting beds now? Since when did we 'get tough on crime' by mollycoddling criminals by giving them beds?

    Congratulations, hug-a-thug crowd. You win again.

  2. What will the Conservatives cut to pay for all of these new prisons? Oh, sorry, I forgot: they're not going to worry about any of that while there's an election to try to win and a coalition to bash.

  3. Why not give those beds to hospitals, and give the prisoners the floor.

  4. The article does not mention anything about B.C. ? We have double bunking problems in B.C…..I wonder if we are getting the new Prisons and not just new beds ?

  5. As a Fiscal Conservative I want my tax dollars to be spent on Education & Health Care,both of which help decrease the number of victims & offenders.
    Throwing 'non violent' offenders in prison does not give us saver communities.
    Proper supportive social services and rehabilitation programs help give us safer communities.
    Bring back the Prison farm Program.