Conservatives in heated battle to preserve Quebec City seats

Provincial capital latest region to fall for the NDP’s charms


The NDP surge in Quebec isn’t threatening just the Bloc Québécois. The Conservative stronghold of Quebec City could also fall victim to Jack Layton’s party by the time Monday’s votes are counted. According to a CROP poll conducted between April 25 and 27 for local daily Le Soleil, the NDP is currently first in voting intentions in the provincial capital, putting particular strain on the campaigns of three Tory incumbents: Josée Verner, Sylvie Boucher, and Daniel Petit. Gilles Duceppe, Michael Ignatieff, and Stephen Harper all made a point of visiting the politically volatile region in the waning days of the campaign, highlighting its strategic importance to all the federal parties.

Ottawa Citizen

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Conservatives in heated battle to preserve Quebec City seats

  1. Has to be better than "ABC" this time, vote for the party that can beat Harper's Cons in your riding.

    • Must not like having more money in your jeans. But there is an upside to voting for Layton. With the new EI rules he'll bring in. I can quit my job and work on my golf game.

      • Ahhhh..sarcasm and ridicule.

        • An election strategy that may get the incumbent back in power. Pretty amazing. Depressing…

  2. me too I'm for higher taxes and no work, send my first check soon. Take it from Les's pay he don't mind.

  3. They're not even talking about Lawrence Cannon anymore? Whoa.

    EDIT: As an aside, it looks like Pontiac's 9-election run as a bellwether riding is about to come to a close.

      • Yeah, he's been in trouble for quite some time. I think I've seen two separate riding polls for Pontiac, neither of them good.

  4. Let's hope Quebec knows the difference between a bandwagon leader and a country leader. Vote for the Conservatives!

    • You should probably head back to the Globe and Mail forums. Your insightful analysis will be appreciated there.

  5. You're right, I didn't think of that. I suppose it's possible that it could remain as a bellwether. :)

  6. I'd rather pay 5 dollars more Canada Pension off my cheque now than have the Fund disappear in TEN years- because the Baby Boomers are draining it faster than new funds are going in.Stephen Harper's" Mc Jobs" are sure not gonna replenish it!!!!!!!!!!!Vote NDP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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