Conservatives maintain lead in poll -

Conservatives maintain lead in poll

Liberals are down one point with 28 per cent


The Conservative party is enjoying the support of 35 per cent of Canadians, a number unchanged since March, according to a new Angus Reid poll. This is despite the resignation of Helena Guergis and the ruling on Afghan detainees by Speaker of the House Peter Milliken. However, even though the Tories are still the most popular party on the prairies and are seeing significant gains in BC, the Liberals have pulled ahead in Ontario, with 37 per cent of voters supporting them to the Conservative’s 34 per cent. Overall the Liberals are down 1 point to 28 per cent, the NDP is also minus 1 at 19 and the Bloc has gained two points, coming in at 11 per cent. The Green party is holding steady with the support of seven per cent of Canadians.

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Conservatives maintain lead in poll

  1. man it must really suck to be a frustrated Harper hater right now. What might just change the scenery a bit are the bi-elections my boy Stevie is thinking about scheduling right now after all a NDP exit stage left just the other say and soon another a Liberal rat scurrying down the rope from the listing dory as well – so we have 2 seats that will becoming available and how many right now left for a CPC majority what 11 or 12 isn't it .. this is hilarious as if the oppostion parties are still sunk in the despair of the wilderness come this fall then who knows maybe a few more bi-elections and Harper won't need a general election he can just sit back take of business and get a majority through bi-election – this would cause a nuclear explosion at Liberla HQ

  2. Stuck at the same level in the polls with 65% of the country not wanting to vote for him. After spending over 50 billion to buy votes and the majority of Canadians still don't trust him . I think you should have written " man it must really suck to be a frustrated Harper right now". Might have been a more accurate reflection of the poll numbers

  3. Liberal voters just need to mature and accept the fact that Harper is the best leader for our country and in order for him to do the best job possible, he needs to finally get a majority.

    Seems like most liberal voters though are just anti-Harper for the sake of being anti-Harper. Perhaps Harper needs to try and attract the demographics of those who don't traditionally turn out in high numbers. The current liberals in this country seem like they will never remove their heads from the sand… even after the potential to be Carbon Shafted and now with Iggy, they still insist on being liberal.

    Best thing Harper can do is just continue to maintain minority governments as long as possible and not allow the liberals in this country to wear him down. He will get his majority if he has the patience. Liberals can't be stupid forever, can they?

  4. I would like to suggest that Michael Ignatieff be appointed Liberal Party leader for life. That way we can guarantee that Liberals will never form another government as long as he is breathing.

    That would suit me just fine.

  5. Sally….it must be very frustrating supporting an opposition party these days. No matter what junk you and your ilk throw at Harper he comes out on top. Votes are not fungible my friend and so that means with 5 parties it will be difficult for any party to attain a majority these days including your beloved Liberals.
    However, the coalition is going to haunt Iffy and the rest of the coalition of fools in the next election. Harper will campaign on a need for a majority because as long as the Conservatives have a minority government we will have political instability. There are too many important issues coming down the pike. Canadians will respond and are responding with each poll showing Harper kicking the sh.t out of Iffy. Look at the leadership polls and weep.

  6. The leadership poll by Ekos last week actually had Layton well ahead of Harper & Ignattieff so not sure significance of your statement.I think the fact that the polls have remained static for so long is indicative of voters reluctance to give Harper a majority. That Ignatieff is not a strong leader should have propelled the Conservatives into majority territory, but alas such is not the case. Hence my reconfiguration of psiclone's posting that it is more likely Harper who is frustrated not his haters. As I'm not clairvoyant ( as you apparently are) I have no idea if the coalition will be a factor in the next election, what the button issues will be or even when it may occur. Perhaps you could enlighen the rest of us my unfungibled friend

  7. You have that right!!!