Conservatives pick up two of three by-election seats -

Conservatives pick up two of three by-election seats

Liberals take Winnipeg North from NDP


Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff is likely very relieved after his party managed to win one of the three seats up for grabs in Monday’s by-elections. Liberal Kevin Lamoreaux easily took Winnipeg North from the NDP, garnering 46.3 per cent of the vote to Kevin Chief’s 26.3 per cent. The Liberals weren’t so lucky in the closely-watched riding of Vaughan in suburan north Toronto, which they lost to the Conservatives’ star candidate, Julian Fantino. Fantino, the former Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner and one-time Toronto Chief of Police won with 49.1 per cent of the vote to Liberal Tony Genco’s 46.6 per cent. Vaughan — like most seats in the Greater Toronto Area — was considered a Liberal strong-hold until now. It was held by the Liberals for the past 20 years and was visited by Ignatieff four times during the campaign. CBC hockey commentator Don Cherry campaigned for Fantino in the riding while Liberal MP Ken Dryden made phone calls on Genco’s behalf. Meanwhile, the central Manitoba seat of Dauphin-Swan River-Marquette went to Conservative Robert Sopuck, as expected. He took 57 per cent of the vote. As Prime Minister Stephen Harper pointed out early Tuesday morning in a statement, it’s rare for the governing party to win any seats in by-elections. “Ours was the only party to make a net gain last night,” he wrote, adding that he sees the wins as an endorsment of the Conservative’s handling of the economy.

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Conservatives pick up two of three by-election seats

  1. Clearly this litmus test for the nation shows that the overwhelming majority of Canadians support the direction of the Conservative government and conversely soundly rejected the leadership of Michael Ignatieff. Especially damning is how well Mr. Fantino's well articulated position of " " resonates with a Toronto populace rejecting failed Liberal policies and that the Rob Ford effect of straight talk against the elites is a value inherent in a majority of Canadians.

    We have witnessed the beginning of Harpermania.

    • "We have witnessed the beginning of Harpermania"


    • "Mr. Fantino's well articulated position of " " resonates"

      That was the hint folks… Harpermania the closer.

  2. I don't think that even die hard Liberals dream of actually getting a majority. Without their traditional base in Quebec of years past, the best they could ever hope for now is to form a minority government. Even that seems unlikely as of today.

    The Conservatives have a solid base and have been nibbling away at fortress Toronto for a few year now. If they can penetrate it and hold their existing seats, they've just about got it made in the shade.

    Liberals would have to hold on to MTV and expand into either the west or Quebec…neither seems likely, especially with an aloof Iggy as their leader.

    In any case, I look for Ignatieff to continue the (now rich) Liberal tradition of supporting and propping up the minority Harper government until 2012.

  3. I keep waiting for some far left eco journalist to spin this as another great "moral" victory for Lizzie May. Did the Greens even run anyone in these elections? Usually when they garner even a few votes someone will report it as a clear indication that Lizzie is on the verge of a landslide majority. I guess she 's likely too busy sunning herself in Cancun, once again, "saving the world". Cheers.