Conservatives place false byelection calls in Liberal riding

Liberal MP’s constituents told of purported pending resignation


The Tories admitted they told constituents in Liberal MP Irwin Cotler’s Montreal riding that Cotler was about to resign and a by-election would be held, in a number of phone calls spreading false information in the last couple of weeks, the National Post reports. Conservative MPs, however, defended the calls as a legitimate means to identify voters. Constituents in Cotler’s Mount Royal, in fact, received calls from a marketing research company urging them to support the Conservatives in a possible upcoming by-election. Queen’s University professor Ned Franks told the Post the Conservatives’ tactic amounted to “dirty blows.” Conservative House Leader Peter Van Loan, however, noted that rumors about Cotler’s pending have been circulating for over a decade, and that, therefore, telling constituents there were rumours of a byelection was hardly a stretch.

The National Post

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Conservatives place false byelection calls in Liberal riding

  1. More Conservative Party class and integrity. Nice to know these fine folks are ruling this country for the next 3.5 years.

  2. Would you be more likely or less likely to vote Conservative if you knew that one of their cabinet ministers was a pedophile?

    • Which one?

  3. Van Loan’s excuse is pathetic. The very fact that the rumour has been circulating for over a decade should be more than enough proof that the rumour is at best unreliable. A sad defence of the indefensible.

  4. Is there not a single ounce of integrity in any one of them, to distance themselves, publicly, from this sort of nonsense?

    • Short answer, no.

  5. They’ve never had class. Now, apparently, they have no shame either.

  6. It seems like Conservatives campaign on the ‘brand’ and that brand appears to be very different from the behaviour. The same brand reps that couldn’t be bothered to show up for riding debates or when given the choice between ethics and fraud, they quickly and easily choose fraud and deceit to gain and maintain power. Is it not yet time to widen the lense a little? Maybe there are issues of equal or greater importance than the economy going on here. I don’t believe it’s that people don’t care about dysfunctional organizations like this, I think it’s that most people feel powerless to do anything. And maybe that’s the point. Immature and unethical actions like this serve to demoralize a society that is so consumed with Prancing with the Stars and servicing debt that we forget what to do when our hearts and minds are saying,’this is bullshit.’

  7. Just when I think these guys had hit the bottom in terms of no class – well don’t they find some other classless thing to do.  It’s been a long 6months & the I suspect the next 3-1/2 years will seem like any eternity.

  8. I hope some real Conservatives are listening. You can’t seriously pawn this party off as a legitimate product? 

    If the Reformers were a car they’d be a Lada at 500ks with 70s Ford rust protection. This is the kind of car you would bring BACK to the dealer as the Bond-all was still falling out pulling up the lot.

    Conservative Voters: you have given us a lemon! We want recourse – FIX THE LEMON YOU SOLD US! This is pure junk, we want proper representation! Vote for your country not your team.

  9. What a bunch of whiners. It doesn’t matter which party is in power. They all play politics the same way. Harper is the best thing to happen to this county :)

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