Conservatives pull ahead with seven-point lead -

Conservatives pull ahead with seven-point lead

Liberal support down slightly


The Conservatives have built up a seven-point lead over the Liberals according to a new EKOS poll commissioned by CBC News. Support for the Tories is up, and currently sits at 34.4 per cent, while the Liberals have slid to 27.8 per cent. Support for the Bloc Québécois was down to 9.3 per cent. In Ontario, the Conservatives and Liberals are still in a dead heat, while in British Columbia, it’s a three-way race with the Liberals leading slightly, followed by the Conservatives in second place and the NDP in third.

CBC News

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Conservatives pull ahead with seven-point lead

  1. "The Conservatives have built up a seven-point lead …. "

    For the past few months, all I have been reading in Canadian msm is about census debacle, Cons are losing women and educated people, Cons are mean, everyone supports gun registry except for a few rural cranks….. and yet here they are with seven point lead.

    How can this be? It is amazing how far Canadian msm is up its own arse.

    • That's for sure. As for as the gun registry, the MSM went on to say how it's a defeat for the government. Yet it's the NDP who've taken a dive in the polls, presumably for switching their votes on the registry back and forth and back again like a wind-vane, with the most ridiculous and absurd reasons given for their flip-flopping.

      Wherry, Potter and Feschuk must be very upset to see this poll and the others from Nanos and Angus Reid that were similar.

    • There is a story line being pushed by the left wing media in this country which in essence is trying to minimize or ridiclule anything the government does in order to help defeat them in the next election. This is obvious to any fair minded observer.
      However, the a lot of Canadians are ignoring the spin and are looking at the results of the governments efforts when it comes to the economy, creating jobs and keeping taxes low. That is their focus.
      Coupled with the above Ignatieff has been well defined and Canadians have not and are not warming up to him personally. The Liberal brand of course has solid support but they will not be elected to government with Ignatieff as leader.

      • The harper cons are ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. Must be only con supporters answer the pollster's call.

        • name calling does not lead to good discussion, it makes you a troll. If you Dislike what someone says, do so with a discussion.

      • I have to question why the media is suddenly always left wing? Wasn't it the same media that absolutely crushed the Liberal party in the first place especially when the Sponsorship scandal erupted? I simply think the media critiques (and yes in some cases downright attacks) the leading government.

        • VicNurse……..the Sponsorship scandal was a unique thing and any government who steals money from taxpayers should be exposed and criticized.
          We are talking about an all out assault by the media on the current government because of its unwillingness to bend to their will. The media wants full access to anything and everything and Harper is not prepared to do that. I am not looking for the media to be cheerleaders for the government. I am simply looking for balance. The media reports anything they can find that is negative whether factual or not. The latest thing is the Quebec construction investigation where the media keeps reporting that Varin is an Tory supporter. The fact remains the person has never been a member of the Conservative Party. He was part of the former PC party. However, that doesn't stop the media from trying to connect the man to the current government in an effort to create the impression the government has done something wrong.

  2. These numbers certainly don't surprise me. Frustrated Harper haters spend more time on web forums ranting about whatever non sense makes them feel better and the people being polled are more often than not regular Canadians with more collective wisdom in their opinions than the malcontents. Why does this shock anyone ? – look let's be honest with ourselves here harper haters you miss the boat and the point Harper shouldn't be your target if you don't like him ! Harper can only exist as PM from one confidence motion to another and since 2006 either the Lib's or the NDP have and will continue to support him – therefore it is illogical to waste your hate on Haprer as if you really want to get rid of him then the target of yopur anger should be directed where appropriate – and that is the poltical cowardice of both Jack and or Iggy depending upon the time of year :) and or confidence motion – until you wise up and deal with this harper could be PM for many years to come .. simple easy pie and good luck as you will need to up your meds and that's for sure.

  3. Upon entering the room, the snippets of conversation overheard by Ottawa Centrist indicated that he had entered the wrong room again. He quietly showed himself out, careful to avoid the angry cheerleaders.

    • yah, wouldn't want to be exposed to conservative support. best to go back to aaron wherry's blog and submerge in the comfortable sea of harper-hate.

      • I have been outed for singing off-key at choir practice. : (

        • No you haven't. You haven't been outed and you haven't been singing at all. You've said absolutely nothing and you've pretended you've been shouted down by a group of non-existent angry cheer-leaders.

          You can write whatever you want. Unlike the Harper-haters, we won't call you a neanderthal trying to ruin the country, bent on destroying Canada. There's nobody angry here. The anger can be found on Wherry's blog. Over there you can find a group of people who refuse to believe that most people don't agree with them.

          As for cheer-leading, there's nothing wrong with that. When your country is leading the G7 in economic growth, it's worth a few cheers.

          • What are you? A neanderthal trying to ruin the country, bent on destroying Canada? :)

          • I stand corrected – according to your name and your tone, you're very angry. :-)

          • Even worse, he's one of those "angry cheerleader" neanderthals! :)

          • i always hated those posters in natural history museums…….

            …the chimpanzees start walking more erect, then they become larger and just have knuckles dragging
            …then they're standing upright but hunched over
            …then they're just these coarse-featured brutish versions of men
            …then the brutish men start waving pompoms and doing the splits (conservatives)
            …and finally there is modern man. (liberals)

          • "You can write whatever you want. Unlike the Harper-haters, we won't call you a neanderthal trying to ruin the country, bent on destroying Canada. "

            I do have to disagree on that part, I've seen many many conservative (or at least people whom support Harper) say many a nasty things to those of Liberals/leftists along similar lines. . If you are speaking to the thread alone, then so far I agree for the most part. It seems that most people choose to name call or insult than discuss regardless of which "side" you are on.

            Drives me nuts personally :)

  4. SWEET!

  5. Canadians who are not familiar with the Magna Carta, The English Bill of Rights, The BNA Act, and Charter of Rights and Freedoms think that the gun registry battle is a rural vs urban disagreement.

    It isn't. It's law-abiding Canadians who appreciate their rights as handed down for hundreds of years. It's fighting back against the elitists and utopians who think violence will end when Canadian civilians are finally disarmed.

    Every other country that had registered firearms eventually confiscated them. And –this is history, folks– in several "civilized" countries, confiscation was followed by genocide. But, nah! It couldn't happen here. Tell that to the Germans, Armenians, Guatemalans, Ugandans, Chinese, Ukrainians, Russians, Cambodians, Rwandans, and American Blacks. And, have a chat with some Cubans. And ask Jamaicans, Mexicans, caught in the crossfire between the armed government and armed criminals.

  6. The entire country is starting to turn to the right, and it's about time. They don't call it 'Right' for nothing you know… All through history, 'Left' means Sinister, and if you don't believe that, perhaps your not old enough to remember how much the last majority Liberal Government fleeced the taxpayers for. Lurch might as well go back to the U.S.A. He couldn't be elected dog catcher here. He wasn't even elected as Liberal leader!

  7. What these polls illustrate is that the fear and smear campaign our Liberal/Separatist comrades in the media have been engaged in isn't having the desired effect of getting the Liberal/Separatist party "back to power". It's time the media in Canada step it up their game, and do their job a little better. It's like our inserted leader of the Liberal/Separatists, bus riding Igg said, "we're going to take Harper down, we're going to take him down hard"! Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying the canadian media haven't been doing a great job of repeating the negative narrative that comes right out of the Liberal/Separatist war room, I'm just saying the media has to go even more negative against the Harper Cons. Spread the fear! The media needs to continue with the vacuous empty rhetoric of "Jaffergate" and "What did Harper do with that wafer gate"> those are helpful, but we need more fear and smear if we Liberal/Separatists are going to be inserted "back to power"! Come on Canadian media whores, we need more of that "moron from Shaboygan" stuff, and "Stephen Harper is scary" and junk. As long as the Canadian media keep repeating the negative narrative written from the Liberal/Separatist war room, and continue to shield American Iggo from any scrutiny we should be "back to power" before you can say "Shawnigate"!

  8. Hold on! I was told Canadians need to be threatened with fines for not filling out a long form mandatory Census. I was told Canadians can't be trusted with their long guns and a registry in Nova Scotia is going to stop gang bangers in Toronto.

    I have been told if I pay more taxes we can "cool the earth" with Giant Fans. We should pay developing nations with a Robin Hood tax for environmental programs.

    As an Ontario taxpayer Dad Dalton has demonstrated his management of government waste and tax promises. More please!

    Can someone arrange for more props and experts to tell us what to think? Anyone seen that doorknob MP?

  9. Darn and Iggy just came out with the cool video showing he's a regular guy and we whould all warm up to him.

  10. "'Left' means Sinister"? Can't find that one in my Concise Oxford – though it was seen as the sign of the devil by many religious types, and led to things like forcing lefties to do their schoolwork with their right hand (my father being one such – and I had a teacher in Grade 2 who tried it with me). I'm more a centrist myself, and find extremes in either direction to be "sinister".

    I find Harper to be a bit on the sinister side.

    So what does your dictionary say about "gay"? ("1. full of or disposed to or indicating mirth" – Concise Oxford; based on your definition of "left" I'm guessing yours is along the lines of "evil abomination")

  11. In the political spectrum there is Right and there is Left. The extremism of left is Communism, the extremism of right is Nazism. Harper certainly isn't an extreme right and Iggy isn't an extreme left no matter how people try and spin it.

    As for Iggy, he was elected. First he gained his seat at all through election of his riding. He then ran for Liberal leader and did lose to Dion. Dion stepped down which made Iggy the "Interm" leader. He still had to be officially voted as Liberal leader at the Vancouver Convention, a point where the Liberal party could have simply said "No, we still don't want you as our leader" and decided not to vote for him but his party did want him as their leader and so he was elected.

    As for it's about time the country turns left or right? Are you sure about that? The US is a Left vs Right country and look at the nightmare of politics they suffer through. When people chose to just be left or just be right then you divide a nation and things hit walls of "No". I'm a leftist on social issues but right on fiscal government, gun control, etc.

  12. VicNurse….Harper knows that the majority of the media in Canada lean left and are going to spin anything they can against them. He also wanted to make the interaction between the PM and the PPG more formal. I do not know that he only picked friendly journalists because I don't think he sees any of them friendly. However, for the PPG to walk out of a Prime Ministerial press conference and to boycott them smacks of my way or the highway by the media. It is arrogant and the fact that the public has lost respect for the media is some confirmation of this fact. It is the Prime Minister's press conference and he has the right to conduct it as he sees fit. It is up to the PPG to work around it and not the other way around.

    • VicNurse….hollinm continued

      Tough questions do need to be asked but there is such a thing as reporting on the facts, both sides. We never see much of that. There is little in the way of investigative journalism. If the opposition says something it must be true i.e. wafergate and the media runs with it. There is no attempt to verify what was said and to confirm that what was said was accurate.
      Having said this I agree that the communication strategy of the government sucks. Harper is very good in press conferences and he should be out there more not only to talk to the media but Canadians as well.
      I go not agree that the Liberals have had such a tough time when dealing with the press. There is a lot of support among the media for the Liberal party and in fact they have their own propaganda machine called The Toronto Star.

      I might mention that what brought the Liberals down was not the media but a report of the AG which then got the media involved.

  13. hollinm continued

    I am not arguing that the media has a reponsibility to report and critique the government. However there needs to be balance. I am not the only one who thinks journalism has fallen in eyes of the public. It is tough to tell a news story from an opinion piece.

    • I had to thumbs up your responses for being so well written :)

      But a few points I'd like you to expand on is your continued saying the people have lost faith in the media or that it's fallen in the eyes of the public as some sort of proof but I'd like you to give citations please or is this your personal view? I can easily argue that's not the case from personal views and discussions within political groups I discuss with.

      The other point is I'd also like citations that there is much more support for the Liberal party. I agree on the Toronto Star, they are fiercely liberal to the point of being a disgrace but I can name about a dozen other newspapers that are conservative leaning and even backed the Conservative party during both elections including The National Post and The Globe and Mail.

      Part of the disagreement may come along the lines of validating opinion editorials as "media" which I don't. Opinion editorials are just that, opinions of situations in their own words, and that I do agree is much more left leaning. But to say the media in general was easy on the Liberals or is left leaning I still believe to be incorrect considering the extensive coverage that went through with Martin. And I agree I probably should have better worded my statement that the Liberal Party fell just because of the media but it certainly was a massive aspect. IF the media was truly biased, they'd have not reported with such ferocity as they did regarding Martin's offshore accounts or the various other stupid Liberal moves and would have put a more positive spin in effort to save the tarnished image as the Toronto Star did.