Conservatives ditch changing anthem

Canadians “have already spoken loud and clear”


Just as soon as they brought it up, the federal Conservatives are reportedly abandoning the idea of changing the lyrics to ‘O Canada’ to make them more gender-neutral. According to National Post columnist Don Martin, “a senior cabinet minister confides the notion will be quickly and quietly dusty-shelved, never to see the light of actual committee study.” Senior members of the Harper government were reportedly caught off-guard by the promise in Wednesday’s Speech from the Throne and were miffed at all the attention it garnered. So while the Prime Minister’s Office may never formally back away from the idea—”probably because Stephen Harper is believed to be personally responsible for the insert under pressure from feminist Conservative Senator Nancy Ruth,” says Martin—MPs have been assured they’ll never hear of it again.

UPDATE: PMO spokesman Dmitri Soudas has confirmed the government is abandoning changing the national anthem. “We offered to hear from Canadians on this issue and they have already spoken loud and clear,” Soudas said in a press release. “They overwhelmingly do not want to open the issue. The Government will not proceed any further to change our national anthem.”

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Conservatives ditch changing anthem

  1. You know, the gender issue struck me weird while watching women's hockey at the Olympics. Every reference to the ladies insofar as play went, referred to them as "men" or "man". It was a "21 man roster" or "Too many ‘men' on the ice". There are other examples I noted but my geriatric memory fails me today. I loved watching our gold medal gals smoking cigars and swigging champagne at center ice, obviously secure enough in their own self-esteem that they feel no need to shove their gender down my throat at every turn of grammar.

    • Should have never even been considered in the first place. Where does this politicaly correct nonsense stop?? My wife thinks it was a deversion tactic to take our minds off of the budget !

  2. ROFL! brilliant play by Harper costs nothing and had how many people wasting time and energy … gotta love it!

    • Just like prorogation – true genius at work

      • Geniuses, that's for sure!

        Another example: Helena Guergis' swearing and boot throwing rampage at the PEI airport:

        We were duped into thinking she was actually an arrogant brat, unworthy by example of her position, but in fact, she just doing it to divert our attention from the Olympics.

  3. I was surprised by the initial announcment. When I was in elementary school in the late '70s/early '80s in Ontario (back in the day when children sang O Canada and said the Lord's Prayer every morning), I remember being taught at some point to sing "in all our hearts' command" instead of "sons' command". So I thought the lyrics had already been changed years ago.

  4. Way back in the swinging sixties anthems didnt mean alot to us youngsters, now we are glad to have them so lets leave them bloody well alone.

  5. You know you have a bad PM when he keeps doing the complete opposite of what the majority of Canadians want him to do.

  6. Mr. Harper, you can actually listen … my congratulations! Now how about jobs, innovation, environment, & education. Tie everything to the greening of Canada and you'll win a gold medal for yourself, your party & Canada. Please, find ways to reward & invest in companies, R&D firms, universities & capable individuals who show promise or have existing developments in green innovation! Create an all-embracing & futuristic made in Canada policy & then assemble a team of politicians (all stripes) – businessmen (Banks, oil & auto included) – scientists (all disciplines) – environmentalists & ordinary Canadians. Don't allow cap & trade. It does nothing to solve the problem & it's just another scam for free market scavengers to reap huge financial rewards without doing anything except betting. God knows we've had enough of that in the financial arena. You have a reputation for being a great policy wonk, you were able to reunite the Canadian political right, & you're from the prairies. So do you have the prairie oysters, the ambition & a vision to move this country into the future? Your move … my vote!

  7. O Media!
    Your tail’s between our legs!
    We ‘need to know’!
    Instead you feed us dregs.

    The PMO didn’t make this show,
    It was YOU you thick buffoons!
    An anthem change cannot pull the reins,
    Unless our horses are baboons!

    O Media.
    Think before you stink.
    Make something more of every this and that
    or you are nothing but inane Clap Trap!

    • You do realize that this was tabled by a female Liberal Senator, don't you? And supported by a Reformed Conservative female Senator? Harpo and his dregs were just the premature mouthpieces – the jerks who leapt before they looked and listened.

  8. Poor Harpo – he can't even get by with a little help from his 'fiends'.

    It would appear that he IS the Marx Brothers – all rolled into one.

  9. Now that the words will remain the same … why don't we all try the same concept on the melody?

    Some of the interpretations of O Canada are awful. Flowery interpretations that negate the beauty in the tune which with many 'singers' is no where to be found musically all too frequently!

    The opening and closing ceremonies at the Olympics were perfect examples.

    Leave the tune alone and sing it nicely …

    They would never think of changing the melody/tune for God Save the Queen

    • Finally someone who thought the same way about the singing of the anthem during the opening & closing ceremonies as I did. Why do entertainers always have to put a "pop" twist when it comes to the national anthem? The anthem was ment to be sung traditionally. Please leave it well enough alone! As for the changing of the lyrics, I'm glad it will stay the same, isn't there more pressing matters in government than a few words in OUR national anthem?

  10. They'll listen to Canadians after 2 days of Street Talk on CTV, and yet when we spend two months talking about prorogation, they consider it a non-issue? Something isn't right here.

    • You'll drive yourself crazy expecting logical consistency from this lot.

      • To be fair, though, perfect logical consistency is rare in humans; most of us manage to hold different views that are inconsistent at least a few times a year, more often for others.

        And I was all for changing the anthem….no reason it can't or shouldn't be updated once in a while.

  11. Another stupid unelected Senator. The real question is why anyone paid attention to this idiot, who obviously has very little to do if this is her contribution to Canada.

  12. next thing they'll try to take out the line "our home on native land"

    • When I taught up north we used to sing Our home the native's land

  13. Here in the States, stuff like this (Flag-Burning constitutional ammendments, laws to put the 10 Commandments in public buildings, anything gay-related, etc…) are trotted out to get us all worked up over the "issue" so as to distract us from other things the little-men-behind-the-curtain would rather we not notice.

  14. This is pure genius. Put an issue on the agenda that Harper conservatives would not even remotely consider acting on. Then swat it away because of the (predictable) public reaction, given the recent Olympics and the fact that the nation is still in some kind of nationalist rapture. There you have it: Prime Minister Harper, once again standing on guard for thee. Captain Canada. Such leadership.

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