Conservatives spent record $130-million on advertising in 2009 -

Conservatives spent record $130-million on advertising in 2009

As deficit soared, so did expenditures on ads


Ottawa’s advertising budget grew to a record $130-million in 2009, according to previously unreleased figures that show a 64-per-cent increase in the government’s marketing bill. The latest tally is more than three times higher than the advertising budget of $41.3-million in 2005-2006, when the Harper government took office. Last year’s advertising blitz on the promotion of the Economic Action Plan, which cost $49.5-million, was by far the most costly element of the advertising blitz. “Advertising costs for the Economic Action Plan were one-time only costs in the context of the global economic crisis, during which the [government of Canada] deemed it important to communicate with Canadians about the programs and services available to them to counter tough economic times,” the Department of Public Works and Government Services Canada said in a statement. Up until now, the Conservatives had spent much less on advertising than their Liberal predecessors.

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Conservatives spent record $130-million on advertising in 2009

  1. This doesn't include the cost of all the departments required to go out and verify the signs were there…

    "“There are currently 18 departments/agencies reporting on signage,” the PCO said in an e-mail response to The Canadian Press."

  2. I saw the same signs when the Libs were in power, its part of the job. I know most will disagree, but it does show that work is being done.I am not all over canada, but the signs show where my money is going.,regardless of which party puts them up

    • LOL

      shift focus back to the liberals. The conservative strategy never dies!

      Harper LIES.
      "Hey Chretien lied…therefore Harper is allowed to" (example)

      • I wasnt doing that, but then again, its a typical lefty comment you made.Your Example is a poor one.Maybe try again.LOL

        • That might not have been your focus, but your first 11 words read otherwise.

          It's not part of the job of the government to hassle departments and agencies across the country to run around verifying the signs were up. I can understand basic signage at the construction sights but the endless radio commercials were a complete waste.

    • It showed where your money and more went —- straight into the coffers of the ad agencies. I think I follow what is going on
      with government programs as I'm sure anyone who's interested does. I don't need to rely on ad companies taking my tax dollars to tell me what I allready know.

  3. They are spending like mad here in the U.S. for the upcoming election as well.