Conservatives take power in New Brunswick -

Conservatives take power in New Brunswick

Tory leader David Alward elected with overwhelming majority


David Alward, leader of the New Brunswick Progressive Conservatives, was elected with a strong majority government in Monday’s provincial election. Alward will lead 42 Tory MLAs compared to 13 Liberals, handily beating outgoing Liberal premier Shawn Graham. The Tories will now be expected to realize of campaign promises that include balancing the budget in four years—the province has a $749-million deficit —while simultaneously freezing property task assessments for seniors and freezing NB power rates for three years. Alward has also promised to reduce the number of cabinet ministers from 20 plus the premier to 15 plus the premier. Alward will be sworn in on October 12.

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Conservatives take power in New Brunswick

  1. I hope Alward can do what he says he will do. Otherwise there will be plenty on this board criticizing him because you know he is a Progressive Conservative and Emily and the gang think that Conservatives she move to the States as they are not fit to live in Canada.

    • Emily may already live in the states and work for third party organization trying to influence our Canadian elections.

      • Apparently she "does trade" for a living. I gather from that statement that she is a federal bureaucrat of some sort. Fortunately, most federal bureaucrats are harmless mediocrities with so few responsibilities that they couldn't possibly do any damage. Full disclosure: I, myself, am a harmless mediocrity who was once a federal bureaucrat. It was quite a happy time, to be honest, as I was surrounded by numerous individuals not unlike myself. :) If it wasn't so dreadfully boring, I might have stayed on.