Conservatives tap Ontario Provincial Police commissioner for by-election

Julian Fantino to run in suburban Toronto riding


Julian Fantino, Ontario’s provincial police commissioner, announced this morning that he will run for the federal Conservatives in his home riding in Vaughan, Ontario. The seat was recently vacated by Liberal Maurizio Bevilacqua, who is running for mayor of the suburban Toronto city. Fantino praised Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s commitment to security and justice in his speech this morning. Julian Fantino recently faced a lawsuit related to his handling of a native land dispute in Caledonia, Ontario, but the private charges were dropped earlier this year. Fantino has also served as police chief of London, Ont., York Region, and Toronto.

National Post

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Conservatives tap Ontario Provincial Police commissioner for by-election

  1. I guess this is just a reminder about how all of Canada's police brass back the long-gun registry… riiiiiight?

      • Right. The "majority" funded by the company that produces the software for the gun registry.

        No conflict of interest at all there.

        • The majority of police brass are funded (bribed?) by a software company?

          • The CACP receieved $115,000 from the CGI Group, who produce the software for the gun registry.

            "Bribe" is your word. But it clearly works.

          • "including a joint Bell Mobility-CGI Group-Techna donation of $115,000, which went toward the purchase of 1,000 tickets at $215 each to a Celine Dion concert on Aug. 25."

            The optics are bad but if people think Canada's Chiefs of Police would sacrifice their public legitimacy for Celine Dion tickets…

          • I'm sorry to be the one to have to tell you that the assumption that groups like CACP do everything they do in good faith has to end when they're caught in this kind of compromising position.

          • This kind of compromising position applies to every professional association, political party of every level, think tank, university… so no need to apologize. I'm an equal opportunity cynic.

  2. A good choice, let's hope he wins.

  3. Mr. Fantino appears to be the outspoken type. Is he prepared to do whatever Stephen Harper and the PMO tell him to do?

    And can he say "Ignatieff-Bloc-NDP coalition" with a straight face?

  4. As chief in Toronto and, later, as OPP Commissioner, he seemed (IMO) brittle, excessively defensive, needlessly antagonistic, and almost bereft of a sense of humour. If he wins, it'll be interesting to see how he copes with the barbs in what passes for political discourse these days.

  5. Personally…I have to wonder what Harper and the Conservative brain trust are thinking on this one.

    Considering Fantino's history…I wouldn't have touched him with a ten foot pole.