Conservatives to cut off Wheat Board debate in Senate

Move mirrors strategy adopted in the House


The Conservatives said they plan to cut off debate in the Senate on a bill to end the Canadian Wheat Board’s monopoly on foreign grain sales so that it can be turned into law by next week. The decision to invoke closure came as Liberal senators were attempting to freeze the debate, and it mirrors how the Harper government cut off debate on the Wheat Board bill in the House of Commons in November. Earlier this week, a Federal Court judge found that the Harper government broke the law because it failed to hold a plebiscite for farmers affected by the bill before tabling it. Since the Conservatives have a majority in the Red Chamber, the approval of the bill is a foregone conclusion. Justice Minister Rob Nicholson, speaking with reporters in Toronto, maintained that the government could pass the bill despite the court ruling. “I’m confident that the legislation that we introduce to Parliament conforms to the Constitution and is within the powers of the Canadian parliament,” he said. Meanwhile, some Liberals senators argue that passing the legislation would amount to being in contempt of court. “It’s a matter of whether we respect the laws of the land or we don’t,” Liberal Senator Robert Peterson told the Globe and Mail.

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Conservatives to cut off Wheat Board debate in Senate

  1. Corruption starts when good intentions meet impatience.

    I don’t agree with dismantling the CWB, but dammit you idiots, if you’re going to do it, be smart about it. Take the time to let the court cases play out, the odds you won’t be vindicated there are miniscule.  If you simply disregard the court ruling, you not only hurt your chances with the appellate court, but you set the example that a political party can simply ignore the law.

    Is that really the example you want to have set when one day power swings back?  I know, I know,  most of you are from Alberta, you have no concept of power swinging one way or the other, and think once established, it’s permanent — I suggest you also widen your horizons.

    • Farmers must sell their grain to the government at a reduced price, then the government turns around and sells their goods to the highest bidder in order to skim some of the profits. This is also a favorite mafia scam that has no place in a free country. Farmers do not want the CWB, so if the courts are not protecting the farmers(citizens) who are they protecting? This court action is simply about one department of government(courts) trying to prop up another (CWB). Like a typical leftist you have missed the point entirety, you have a good vocabulary but it is not sufficient enough to hide the fact that you are an imbecile.

      • Look out.. some goats are getting across your bridge while you’re away.

        Too obvious. Linking it to the mafia and the messed up acronym?  You’re likely to get more bites around here if you tone it down just a little bit.

        • Sorry about the acronym, but I am not from Alberta and I do not raise goats so it’s an easy mistake. I did not say the CWB was involved with the mafia, I said their methods for raising money are exactly the same in some cases(CWB). Please find a literate colleague to help you understand what you read. Since your only remaining criticism of my post is a syntax error, I win.

          • See? Much better. Now run along and read up on the archives of adequacy.org and kuro5hin.org to get an idea how to really do it. Skip the newer kuro5hin stuff though, it’s gone to crap.

    • Thwim  Alberta is the economic engine of Canada. Since eastern Canada is still electing socialists I don’t think the balance of power will change soon because power clearly has followed the money. I remember when the socialists descended on Alberta with their National Energy Program, within three years the economy was devastated, people had to sell their homes for one dollar losing all the equity they had because a group of idiots could not even make money selling oil….. boggles the mind. Since Ontario would not or could not learn from Alberta’s mistake the socialists have moved on to devastate Ontario’s manufacturing sector(NEP2?) and turned Ontario into another have not(socialist) province. So Ontario has to go begging to the conservative redneck goat herders in Alberta for money(equalization payments).

      • Wow you swallowed ‘Ye Olde Book of Alberta Myths’ whole…and then washed it down with blue Kool-aid!

        Revising past and present events to suit yourself is why Alberta never gets ahead.

      • If you had a rudimentary understanding of economics, you might realize that Ontario’s manufacturing sector suffers from, if anything, Dutch disease due to Alberta oil.

        • If you had a rudimentary understanding of economics, you might realize that the Dutch disease is not a disease at all, but a symptom. And “curing” that symptom would mean making the disease worse. 

          • Actually, it’s because manufacturing has moved to China for the most part.

            Not Dutch, not a disease, not a symptom….and nowt to do with oil.

  2. This is a direct result of the liberals giving too much power to the justice system because they were too lazy or fearful to make laws themselves. An elected parliament is where the lawmaking belongs, this is democracy in action. Judges shouldn’t be running this country.

    • That’s a rather ridiculous statement to the issue of whether a law passed in Parliament should be obeyed by the government.

      • 2Jenn I suspect you are a socialist so I will have to do all the math for you. Liberal strategy was to leave unpopular(vote losing) decisions to the courts, the Liberals were able to stack the courts with sympathetic judges because in Canada judges are not elected, they are appointed by the ruling party. Muzz’s statement should be ridiculous but it’s not.

        • I’m not a socialist as a matter of fact, but I’m no good at math so I appreciate your help.  Except, I don’t see any math.  I see you complaining that the Liberals left the decision up to the courts–when they wrote RIGHT IN THE LAW the decision would be left up to the farmers.  This law that was passed by Parliament.  All the court did was defer to Parliament, so you can’t use “activist judges making laws” in this particular case. 

      • Yeah Jenn, only a socialist would think a government is beholden to laws passed by parliament. Everyone knows parliament is granted power by the government.

        And carts push horses, wet roads cause rain…

    • They aren’t. Didn’t you get the other talking point about Harper making the rules? Go ahead and square that circle.

  3. Trudeau screwed Alberta out of oil revenue.  Now Harper is biting the hand that feeds him.  However, one has to remember that Harper is actually from Toronto and is simply rewarding the big business that resides there.  

    • Huh? How is ending the CWB biting the hand that feeds him? Most AB farmers oppose the CWB monopoly. 

  4. It is ridiculous that people come onto here to treat each other like garbage.  This is one country, not a bunch of separate ones.  Equalization payments are a fine way of ensuring the whole of the country remains strong, as a nation we are better off standing together.  The whole point of taxes is supposed to be to ensure the country runs smoothly.  Just because one province produces more at one time or another does not mean that they are any more entitled to freedoms that financial security of the nation can buy over the needs of other members of the same nation.  This country was born out of Christian ideals but you would never know that hearing the average Canadian speak, and especially seeing the way the average taxpayer seems to feel entitled to superiority over other taxpayers.  

  5. who needs laws or due process when you have the Steven Harper govt and the PMO??

  6. So first question. How much is this government being paid under the table from cargill! That they are fighting so hard to get this past??????????????/  If I was a western farmer. I’d say I’m done no more wheat, barley or anything> Switch to cattle or pig farming. Let the rest of this world starve without our product. Then this government will have to explain why we have nothing to ship to them.

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