Conservatives to Quebec senior: buy a membership, or else... -

Conservatives to Quebec senior: buy a membership, or else…


The always engaging Hélène Buzetti, of Le Devoir, has a nice piece on Fernand Coulombe, a 89-year-old fellow from Montmagny, who says he was harassed by a calls from the Conservative Party “demanding” that he pay for the $200 membership he promised to buy. One small detail: Mr. Coulombe never promised to buy anything.

The man […] says he was called “three or four times” by a woman from the COnservative Party last June, after the elections. She demanded that he send the party $200 because he had promised to do so.

“She forced me, saying that I had promised. I didn’t promise anything! I don’t even know her, and I didn’t even vote for them.”

Mr. Coulombe received a letter from the Conservative Party addressed to him personally and dated June 3, 2011. Under the party logo, the following is written in bold letters: “Thank you for your generous promise of a $200 donation.” In the top right of the document is a bar code, a series of identification codes and Mr. Coulombe’s phone number. The man lives in an old age home.

“She was insistent. She said I had absolutley promised this,” Mr. Coulombe said. He says that the woman told him that he’d get most of his money back from the donation (probably due to the tax credit for political parties.) “She wanted me to give money to the Conservative Party and that I’d get the money back. I didn’t believe her at all.”

Classy. Also, whoops: Mr. Coulombe has voted Liberal all his life.

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Conservatives to Quebec senior: buy a membership, or else…

  1. Who signed the letter?  What does the barcode signify? 

    • Unknown, but right now I bet there are more than a few staffers trying desperately to link this to the Liberals. (Hopefully they are all just political staffers, unlike some other times.

      • Or perhaps Elections Canada.

        • LOL!

  2. Lol

    Stuff does happen, but really the CPC coming over like a collection agency harassing seniors hardly seems far fetched these days does it?

  3. Is Spinal Tap “Gimme Some Money” playing all day at the offices of the fund-raising arm of the CPC?

  4. More ‘no evidence’. Where is Ellen the Thinker, this morning?

      • And as if by magic, she appears.  Amazing how that happens.

    • You are too kind Jan.
      I should tell you before you embarrass yourself further:  When I noted that there are a few Liberals on this site who, unlike yourself,  are able to think rationally concerning this hyped up robocall story, it was meant as a compliment to them, not an insult to you.

      • This story is not about robocalls but about persons pretending to phone on behalf of the Conservatives and insisting that an elderly person has promised to give them money.  The elderly gentleman said he was called numerous time but never made such promise.

        Further, the gentleman received a letter on CPC letterhead, with the mention “Thank you for your generous promise of a $200 donation”.

        Aren’t you concerned that someone is using the CPC logo and name to extort money from an elderly gentleman?@b76fef385ffb64e46d661f090edd807c:disqus 

        • I am. I’m pretty much a “play fair” kind of person. I know that may sound naive but that’s how I’ve choosen to live my life.

          • I have no idea how your name or pseudonym got inserted in my comment… 

          • I didn’t think that you did it on purpose. Sometimes we suffer from gremlins.

          • Del Mastro did it!

        • I am actually more concerned that the CPC party has endorsed its members to use whatever means necessary to get the majority last election. I have absolutely no doubt that they would do something just like this. Also, I am a Conservative, unlike our current PM. 

      • There are times I find the decorum standards on here a little restrictive – this would be one of them.

      • And we note that with the ringing of the bell, salivation begins…

  5. I am convinced that everyone in the #cpc is on cocaine. Only cocaine abuse can explain the unmitigated arrogance and bullying that is coming out of this party. Pushy is a tory trait, as we all know, but this is overt, criminal bullying. And I, for one, will never be convinced until I see blood and hair test results from every single member of the #cpc. Until I see those lab results and check the source, I will remain CONVINCED that the Harper Regime is driven by South American Marching Powder.

    Look at the beaming faces. The shiny skin. The blazing arrogance in the eyes! This is coke-fueled authoritarianism, it is written all over them.

    BTW – what is Jaffer up to these days?

  6. This has occurred with my 90 year old Mother.  I contacted the Conservative party in 07/2011 and told them to remove my mother’s name from the list and stop harassing her.  Well the calls started again demanding her bank card.  This is disgusting.  Does anyone know how to get these people to stop harassing the elderly?  

  7. Here’s another “small detail”: memberships in the CPC don’t cost $200. I would suggest that it’s quite likely that this guy has been the victim of a scam… and so has the Conservative Party.

    • Ah, but the CPC doesn’t exactly claim all these donations either… they like to keep as much money off the radar as possible.

  8. Appears there is no level too low for this despicable govt. to stoop!

  9. This is the most despicable govt. (real or stolen) this country has ever known! I’m ashamed to call myself Canadian these days..