Consumers sue RIM over BlackBerry outage

Lawsuits filed in both Canada and the U.S.


Research in Motion has been hit with consumers lawsuits in Canada and the U.S. over the four-day BlackBerry outage that disrupted email, instant messaging and browsing services for millions of users on five continents earlier this month, Reuters reports. North of the border, a lawsuit on behalf of all Canadian BlackBerry owners with an active service agreement at the time of the disruption was filed on Wednesday in Quebec Superior Court. In the U.S. a similar lawsuit was filed the same day in federal court in Santa Ana, California. The US complaint said that RIM earns at least $3.4 million per day on fees for a service that, the lawsuit argues, it failed to provide between October 11 and October 14.


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Consumers sue RIM over BlackBerry outage

  1. Wow, this is unbelievable. People are all up in arms about losing their service, that they’ll kick a company already down by suing it. Yeah, that’ll teach them. Sue them so they don’t have the money to improve the service. Morons.

    • Right, because RIM should be allowed to make tens of millions of dollars worldwide for the fees they made that week without providing services.  That makes total sense.  How about the consumers worry about themselves first and the company that is screwing them second.

      • I’m sure if they ask, RIM will reimburse them their money for the 4 freaking days they were out. Jeese, why does it always have to start with a lawsuit?? Or better yet, get the heck over it and move on. This lawsuit crap is just going to cause more problems.

  2. Consumers aren’t suing. Most people that are pissed off will punish RIM when their next hardware upgrade comes around (if they even remember). What’s really happening is that some lawyer will walk away with Millions by trying to get a $1-$2 settlement for each Blackberry user affected.

  3. lol

  4. This would not happen in Japan or Korea as their people supports their countries’ company very much. Turning RIM to another Nortel will do nothing good to CANADA economy.

  5. all the little bb’s go boom….what happens when Apple has a major crash…technology is NOT infallible and will eventually fail….usually at the worst possible time….
    Now…a new question…how many class action suits were brought against Hydro when the power went out across the country for two days?…none…we accepted it and moved on….stop being little bb’s and grow up…

    • That’s because people pay for Hydro based on their usage.  This means that Hydro made no money during the time they were down, and customers paid nothing during the period of the outage.  RIM however did make tens of millions worldwide while providing no service.  Users paid a fee through their service provider that RIM gladly accepted while still providing no service. Your comparison is invalid.

  6. Only unethical low down the drain Lawyers will benifit, take millions from RIM at this time when they are fighting to survive with the advances Apple has made. Shame on you Lawyers, you are going to destroy another Canadian Co, rot in hell is all I can pray

    • Agreed,  truely pathetic.  What can possibly be gained by it except to give some scumbag lawyers some free publicity.

  7. Getting ripped off paying for a phone that has no internet and still paying for it we should all get our money back

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