Controversial activist Wiebo Ludwig dies at home at the age 70 -

Controversial activist Wiebo Ludwig dies at home at the age 70

Famous for protecting his land against the oil and gas industry


Wiebo Ludwig, the convicted saboteur and controversial eco-activist has died at the age of 70 at his home in Alberta on Monday. Ludwig had esophageal cancer and died surrounded by family, according to a statement from his son Josh.

“We will miss him as one who steadfastly and selflessly upheld the hope of the Gospel of Christ, as a loving husband, father and grandfather,” said the statement.

Hero to some and terrorist to others, Ludwig’s encounters with the law made him famous in Canada and abroad for challenging the oil and gas industry to protect his land. Featured in films and books, Ludwig claimed that sour gas wells near his farm around Hythe, Alta., led to health problems for his family and animals.

In 2000, Ludwig was convicted in the bombing of Suncor gas wells in Alberta, serving just under two years of a 28-month sentence. A year before the sentencing, one teen was shot dead and another was wounded while joyriding in pickups on Ludwig’s property. The incident prompted a police search of the property but nobody was charged for lack of evidence.


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Controversial activist Wiebo Ludwig dies at home at the age 70

  1. activast? I think when someone bombs property they are called Terrorists!


      Boy, what an ignoramus… –Can’t even spell “activist’
      even when it’s right in front of you in print… And no, Ludwig was not a
      “Terrorist”. Corporations and their lackeys would have him branded “Terrorist”,
      and shovel him into one of the private, for profit prisons that the ‘approved
      brand of terrorist’ i.e. big business would want. And if fighting back against
      the environmental assaults of the oil and gas industry qualifies one as a
      terrorist… Imagine a a world where NO ONE stood up for anything for fear of
      being branded ‘terrorist’. Well, that’s what’s happening. In a lot of opinions,
      you are a lackey of corporate terrorism.

      • Activist,terrorist,and probably a murdrous loon..You are a lackey of corpoate greenwashing.

      • Ya, he was a heck of a guy.  Whenever his own daughters disappointed him, he disciplined them by shaving their heads…..but it was all in the name of Jesus Christ.
        As for him not being a terrorist, you are robbing him of his own glory.  He himself said he helped the police develop an “eco-terrorist” profile when they were trying to catch the bomber in NW BC.

    • The technically correct term is the one used in the article, saboteur.

      One of the things that defines a terrorist is using violent means to spread.. well.. terror. That’s kind of why they’re called that.  Last I checked, pipelines aren’t known for feeling terror.

      Now, if you want to argue that shooting those kids on his property was an act of terrorism, you’d be on firmer ground.

      But bombing property? Uh. No.

      • I would say the people who work on these pipelines, their family and friends would all agree his actions did strike fear/”terror” into them everytime they went to work.  Not to mention those of us who live in the area being terrified of the outcomes of a bomb going off along the line.  When you do your job, do you have to worry some nutter is placing bombs in various places you or your collegue are working at?  He was only a saboteur because, luckily, he only blew up property, there was always the chance someone or more than one person could of been killed.  Let’s not make little of his actions over property damage vs lives. He was a terrorist, who loved the media and the attention, plain and simple. 

        • No. Had he been a terrorist, he would have specifically detonated it when a person was there.

          Under your definition, a guy who’s speeding would be a terrorist because he might take out a road-worker. Sorry, but that’s just crap, and so is your definition of the word.

          • So you believe this man you shot two teens, killing one, actually went out of his way to ensure that no one died by any of his bombs by making certain he was there to detonate each bomb at a safe time?

          • Try reading. I specifically pointed out that if you wanted to make the terrorism argument based on those kids, you’d be on firmer ground.

          • Police continue to look for the shooter. Strange enough, police have still not charged anyone with trespassing at night, dangerous or impaired driving. One of the three pickups on the property that night missed by 1 meter hitting a tent with 4 girls in it. Question: did the shooter save 4 lives?

        • If i was in your position i would be glad the man was NOT intentionally trying to harm pipeline workers.

  2. two words mr. ludwig……………karmin willis

    i hope you died spitting blood

    • And I hope you manage to live your whole life as flawlessly as you have up until now, scotty.

  3. People sure are ready to flap their gums with accusations about instances which weren’t proven, ain’t they? 

      • Sorry, the links I typed in were cut off.

        The first one, the kelowna forum, the topic is: weibo-ludwig-a-report-from-the-front.

        the seond one, the Canadian

        • …macleans/ludwig-farm-shooting

  4. Even without the possibility (and it is just a possibility, remember) of shooting at people on his property, isn’t this the sort of situation where you would want the police to have a list of the long guns this guy owns, so that the police could effectively confiscate them upon having his license revoked?

    Kind of like, say, in a registry or sumthin? 

    • It really wasn’t an issue of finding the gun so much as who shot it…35 people lived on the quarter-section known as Trickle Creek.  First Ludwig said one of the other teens in the truck shot the girl, then by the time RCMP searched and seized all the guns at Trickle Creek, no one was talking and the forensic evidence was long gone.