Police confirm they arrested man at home of Sen. Patrick Brazeau


Fred Chartrand/CP

OTTAWA – Police in Gatineau, Que., confirm they have arrested a man at the home of former Conservative Sen. Patrick Brazeau.

Brazeau has been kicked out of the Tory caucus after allegations surfaced that he was involved in a domestic violence dispute.

The police have yet to identify the man arrested and have not laid any charges. They will not comment on the condition of the victim and they say their investigation continues.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Brazeau was removed from caucus following reports of what Harper called serious events.

Harper says he expects the matter will be dealt with through the courts.

Brazeau is among a number of senators under scrutiny for claiming housing allowances on the grounds they live far from Ottawa, while in reality spending most of their time in the nation’s capital.

The youngest of Canada’s 105 senators, Brazeau has courted controversy since his appointment.

He is a former national chief of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples and has been outspoken on the issue of the relationship between the federal government and First Nations.

But rather than being seen as a spokesman for aboriginal issues within the Conservative caucus, Brazeau has not always had a positive relationship with many First Nations leaders.

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Police confirm they arrested man at home of Sen. Patrick Brazeau

  1. Somewhere, Theresa Spence is chuckling into a mug of hot fish broth.

    • LOL….sums up my feelings perfectly!

    • she must be…no one is talking about the $104 million she can’t account for, no one is asking her about the millions from DeBeers…she’s laughing all the way to the bank

      • And your hero Brazeau has laughed all the way to the jailhouse.

        • This is Canada they are native neither will get jail time

          • Yes, Brian, there are no aboriginal people in Canadian jails. Dear heavens.

  2. Sweet. Finally some justice in regards to this pompous, arrogant, foul-mouthed embarrassment of a Senator. Now kick him out of the Senate and make him pay back the money he scammed!

    Perfect example of Harper’s bad judgment coming back to haunt him.

    • Given the timing of Brazman’s appointment, and the rez school apology — I truly believe that harper picked a guy with a brash background (he was alleged to have sexually harrassed staff prior to his appointment) to talk crap about his own people — that way, harper didn’t have to say a word. Brazeau has served as a “useful idiot” for the harper government.

    • Are you talking about Brazeau or Mike Duffy?

      • Both of them need the boot.

        And any other senator ripping off the taxpayers.

        In fact….abolish the Senate.

    • What is it that you people don’t understand about “allegations of domestic violence”, there aren’t charges laid as of now, if the crown prosecutor finds it justified by the evidence then charges would be laid. There is much that is not known by the public right now, put away your pitchforks……….for now anyways.

      • true…also, a woman can go after a man, with a knife in her hand, but if that man grabs her arm to defend himself, he will be charged, not her. We have no idea what has happened but Brazeau has already been crucified by the media.

        • Far more than the media, he’s been crucified by his own caucus. Including the fella who appointed him. Why on earth would harper appoint people like Brazman and Puffy to such entitled positions?

          • Who has crucified him?

            Only some in the media and the usual leftwingnutz who comment on these threads.

            He can’t sit in the Conservative caucus when such serious allegations have been leveled against him.

          • Read more news, BB: Eve Adams, Marjory LeBreton, and more. Just go read more.

    • not so easy to kick out a Senator…remember the Lib Senator who was living in Mexico…took forever to get rid of him.

  3. Not sure what the heck is going on…it better be for a good reason or many Conservative Métis like me will be pissed off.

    • somehow I doubt Harper’s too concerned with conservitive Metis votes…. all 3 of em.

  4. Not a surprise. Seemed like a poor pick from the start.

    • The same progressives who praised CPC for appointing a senator for his minority status are muted now

      • Brazeau was already under investigation when harper appointed him, and that was indeed widely discussed at the time as a bad idea. But you and harper, you know better. Do you realize that the guy still has about 30 years ahead as a senator?

  5. Thank God Mike Duffy is setting the standard for Conservative Party behaviour equal to that of the Prime Minister. We are very luck to have such men keeping the country safe. The extra cost is meanlingless.

  6. Now he’s in jail apparently.

    • And his senate caucus colleagues are freely saying terrible things about him to media…NOW. Interesting times; the idiot outlived his usefulness, I guess.

      • I’ve never understood this self-sabotage thing people do…..young good-looking, great salary, famous, great future, senator-for-life….well he WAS anyway…..and he blows it all away in utter stupidity!

        • Hmm, yeah but he was a jerk before he was appointed to the Senate. He was charged with sexual harrassment of a female employee or two, and than was known when Harper appointed him. I rather think all the good things he has gotten in life are because he’s handsome and looks white, but is aboriginal. White people in power like being able to have aboriginal people around so they can say they are not racist, but they generally prefer them to look white and buy into a white ideology. He’s gone from being harper’s useful idiot, willing to denigrate his own people so harper doesn’t have to say a word, to being tossed out on allegations. Probably to take the media focus off duffy until they can get something in order. Eve Adams, on her high horse, said today “well if he harmed a woman or beat a woman, he deserves to face the full brunt of the law” or words to that effect. Funny nobody in that caucus said that when he was appointed, despite the previous allegations against him. He and Duffy are both pigs at the trough; Brazeau prolly just had a harder time getting to it than duffy did.

          • Oh I agree with all that…..but he had a huge chance to change his life around and he blew it. Totally. That’s what I don’t understand.

            He could have become a hero to his people….instead he publically made fun of Spence, who was trying to help them.

          • I just don’t think it’s that easy to change one’s life around, even with golden opps dropped into one’s lap. It’s heart-breakingly sad that the aboriginal dude going around saying he wanted to start a commission to look into missing and murdered aboriginal women is now charged with domestic abuse and sexual assault.

          • Yeah, so much for his ‘concern’

          • Spence was only trying to help herself, by covering up her own incompetence and corruption. The new allegations against Brazeau, whether true or not, don’t change that.

          • Don’t be daft. Who covers things up by deliberately becoming national news?

            Spence is neither corrupt nor charged with anything.

            You believed Con bilge.

          • You’re nuts.

          • I’m sorry, but until she’s charged….it’s you that’s nuts.

          • She drives around in a Cadillac Escalade while members of her band freeze in tents……….no, you’re out of your freakin mind.

            She’s incompetent or corrupt………take your pick

          • Um….they aren’t that expensive, especially used.

            Do you spend your salary on the homeless in your neighbourhood? Do you think that would be a sustainable solution? Neither does she.

            Housing there is very expensive…she couldn’t afford ONE even assuming she could get a mortgage.

            She has a grade7/8 education, but she’s not corrupt, nor has she been charged.

            You are just doing your racist thing again.

          • My taxes pay for homeless shelters, welfare cheques, transfers to have not provinces (Ontario & Quebec included), wages for useless bureaucrats of all levels of government and money for Indian bands (some with corrupt and incompetent leadership, some with excellent management and leadership)

            You can stuff your racism straw man comment up your ass.

          • And the govt is supposed to be paying for all that on reserves.

            You’d know that if your pointy hood wasn’t in your eyes.

          • The government is not paying for all of that………….taxpayers are.

          • Same thing.

          • No

          • Yup, sorry.

          • You must have been one of those useless bureaucrats before you retired.

          • Never been a ‘bureaucrat’, and not retired.

          • You were right – she’s nuts, and will keep this up all night if you keep responding. Time you move on Billy Bob, for your own sanity :-)

          • My sanity is fine thanks, have a good one.

          • Extravagant senators with two homes …

          • she should be charged…according to her audit, she has spent millions on “real estate”..no paper trail, no explanation to where this real eastate is…where are the millions from the diamond mine?

          • No, not true. Sorry.

          • Did you see the police shots of the Brazeau driveway, all surrounded by police tape? Pretty sure that’s an Escalade in his driveway too.

          • APTN says she is on medical leave, and wants DeBeers to re-open the impact agreement they took years to put together, the band signed in agreement to it. That’s a bit much. It’s a contract. DeBeers has gone over and above the agreement. Helped the band out whenever and wherever it could. This is no way to treat a buisness partner. To block the road and then give them 48 hours to leave before the airport gets blocked. Shame on her to support that nonsense

          • She’s recovering.

            Meantime DeBeers is no business ‘partner’

          • Read the Timmins press for info on what has hapend there. The comments are informative too. And you are right they are not partners. Couldn’t think of a different word

          • The Timmins press? Er, no thanks.

          • Hahaha, Emily, don’t you subscribe to the Timmins weekly? LOLOL

          • Heh…..mining and moose news.

          • Why is it okay for Shawn Atleo to take medical leave but not a woman who hasn’t eaten for 45 days? Don’t worry about DeBeers.

          • No, I believe facts that were reported in the news, and that have yet to be disproved. Like her failure to account for the money spent.

          • The media printed rumours. No facts were involved.

          • So where are the receipts? If the money is accounted for, surely Spence and Kennedy should be able to prove it. Where is the info posted?

          • Damn right.

          • the only person spence has helped is herself…was Brazeau wrong to criticize spence,who was claiming she was “starving” for her people but in 44 days never lost any weight?

          • Actually she lost over 40 lbs….but I doubt you’re interested in facts.

          • According to the audit, a Sept. 20, 2012, letter from the accounting firm Deloitte to Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence and copied to the Department of Aboriginal Affairs, says more than 400 of the transactions it reviewed lacked proper documentation.

            “An average of 81 per cent of files did not have adequate supporting documents and over 60 per cent had no documentation of the reason for payment,” the letter stated.

            As a result, said Deloitte, it could not conclude the spending was done in accordance with government funding agreements, or for its intended purpose.

            “There is no evidence of due diligence in the use of public funds, including the use of funds for housing,” wrote Deloitte.

            “In our opinion, having over 80 per cent of selected transactions lacking any or proper supporting documentation is inappropriate for any recipient of public funds.”

            The Attawapiskat band council has received approximately $104 million from the federal government between April 1, 2005 and Nov. 30, 2011 for housing, infrastructure, education and administration.

            “The independent audit from Deloitte and Touche LLP speaks for itself, and we accept its conclusions and recommendations,” said Jan O’Driscoll, spokesperson for Aboriginal Affairs Minister John Duncan.

          • And has she been charged? No.

            Don’t scream your racism at me….I’m not interested.

          • She will be after the forensic audit and FINTRAC have done their work

          • Noop.

  7. Bus meet the Senator – Senator meet the Bus !!!!! I love canadian politics :)

  8. Duffy and Brazeau must be part of Harper’s master plan to create a Senate worthy of abolition. How else to account for such idiotic appointments.

  9. fire him

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