Cops find Ryan Jenkins suicide note -

Cops find Ryan Jenkins suicide note

Canuck reality TV star doesn’t own up to murder, yet apologizes to family and friends


Gossip website, which provided some of the most aggressive coverage of the Ryan Jenkins saga in late August, is reporting that Buena Park police have uncovered a suicide note on the reality TV star’s computer hard drive. In the page-and-a-half letter, headed “Last Will and Testament” and apparently written three days before he hung himself on Aug. 20, Jenkins is said to apologize to his family and friends for the trouble he’s caused them but does not own up to killing his wife, Jasmine Fiore, whose body was discovered in a suitcase in Los Angeles with her fingertips and teeth missing.

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Cops find Ryan Jenkins suicide note

  1. Sadly this guy left his family and other loved ones. I thought he was low on talent, but no reason to kill himself. I hope he left his family something.

  2. I think he is innocent. It is interesting to note that the authorities waited until he was safely into Canada before issuing a warrant.