Cops gone wild -

Cops gone wild

America’s “toughest sheriff” and his officers defy a judge’s ruling


When a law enforcement officer in Arizona was caught on tape removing privileged legal documents from a defence lawyer’s desk while she was addressing a judge in court and couldn’t see what was happening behind her back, most observers expected the officer to apologize for his actions and for his boss to punish him. But in Phoenix, the state capital and seat of Maricopa County, the opposite has happened. Detention officer Adam Stoddard refused to apologize and was found in contempt of court by the judge. Instead of demanding the officer obey a court order, his boss, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, nicknamed “America’s toughest sheriff,” reacted by supporting Stoddard and giving tacit acceptance to a “sick in” protest by other law officials. Now, Arpaio has filed suit against the judge, alleging “possible obstruction of justice, stymieing a criminal investigation, and open hostility towards courtroom staff.”



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Cops gone wild

  1. Does wonders for the respect for US justice system.

  2. i have a feeling that some day America’s toughest sheriff will end up in prison himself

  3. I know where I won't be taking my next vacation!

  4. Joe Arpaio is an idiot and a bully. He epitomises most of what has gone wrong in our society…a feeling of entitlement to do whatever one feels like doing with no respect for society's norms. He would say that criminals have no respect for the law…and then he does exactly the same thing. People who support this jerk have no idea what it is like to live in a "police state", but they are well on their way to finding out.

  5. Man, this is scary. If this happened in Canada, we could call in the RCMP to police the city/county/whatever, right? While we fired all these idiots?

    Could Arizona call in the FBI or something? Can this sheriff be impeached against the will of the idiot voters of Arizona?

    If we ever wanted a good lesson on why judges, sheriffs, prosecutors should not be elected, this is it.

  6. The judiciary is infested with liberal lickspittles. Time and again they have released dangerous repeat offenders and the law process today is a bad joke.

    The fact is that you will see more justice from a redneck posse than court run by liberal atheists, homosexuals, and elderly hippy lawyers.

    We could use men like Joe in Canada.

    • Sounds like you would prefer Afghanistan justice

    • didn't the bible say Jesus was friendly and tried to help the criminals …maybe you and the right wing Christians are really working for the guy with the horns…as for homosexuals why do you want to bring republican sentors into the equation

  7. not that there is anything wrong with that

  8. So, why isn't this bozo sheriff now in contempt of court? He sure as H is in contempt of the US system (and sense!) of justice.

    • Because the judge is also elected.

  9. 'Cept the elected judge saw fit to contempt-ify the lower guy.

    I cited the deputy… but I did not cite the sheh-eriff…

    Strange thing, those lyrics didn't win out…