Coptic parishes increase security -

Coptic parishes increase security

Churches worldwide brace for Jan 7 Christmas


Copts in Canada and in Europe are increasing security at churches after a New Year’s Day suicide bombing at a Coptic church in Alexandria, Egypt killed 21 people and left 79 wounded. The same al-Queda affiliated website that posted information about the church targeted in the New Year’s attack also lists a further 16 Coptic churches across Europe, including four in France and three each in England and Germany. “The message that is coming from terrorist cells (in the Middle East) is to kill and bomb Christian parishes,” Father Mikhail Fam, the priest for the St. George and St. Anthony Coptic Orthodox Church of Ottawa, told the Ottawa Citizen. “These threats have spread not only to Egypt, but also to parishes outside the country, including Canada,” The Copts are preparing for their Christmas, celebrated on Jan 7.


Ottawa Citizen

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Coptic parishes increase security

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    • The actual phrase is "Pieces be upon him."

  2. Decent people are going to wind up having to deal with both Muslims and wing-nuts in their own country who hate Christianity above all else. The former foe uses bombs (cowards), the latter, tubes of KY.

  3. Religion poisons everything.

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