Cormier takes the stand -

Cormier takes the stand

Alleged kidnapper says accuser paid him to kill her husband.


Alleged kidnapper Romeo Jacques Cormier took the witness stand in a Moncton, N.B. courtroom on Monday. The 63-year-old pled innocent on all kidnapping charges, claiming instead that his accuser—a 55-year-old Moncton woman—actually hired him to murder her husband. Cormier says the woman was supposed to pay him $1000 upfront to stage a break-in at her residence on February 26 (the same night she claims Cormier kidnapped her) and murder her husband. The woman maintains Cormier kidnapped, confined, and sexually assaulted her between February 26 and March 24, 2010.

Montreal Gazette

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Cormier takes the stand

  1. she’s probably trying to win her husband back and that’s the only way she found?
    this is her against him… I know of so many lying women that I’m not taking a side at this point.

  2. He’s obviously lying to save himself from prison where he belongs.

  3. I’ve heard of blaming the victim, have had some experience of it- but this is the first time I’ve seen it used as justification of kidnapping.